Steps on runways - US airports

Hi there,

the second time in a row my plane crashed after landing (crashed my landing gear) because of a stupid glitch / steps on the runway during roll out. First time it was when landing on 36 in Winnipeg (CA). Then I flew from Winnipeg (liftoff before the step appears on the runway) to KORD (Chicago). When landing on 28R, also steps on the rwy.

Both airports are addons from the Marketplace. Never had/have this, when flying in Europe.

Has anybody experienced the same?

I crashed into one at KBWI Baltimore the other day.
I think it was 28L, but I could remember wrong.
Default scenery.

Do you still have this issue? It keeps happening to me while i’m flying the inibuilds a310 around on xbox series s. Pretty much every airport runway has steps

Actually no. I it didn’t happen to me the last few months (PC).


Twice. The first time, I can’t remember where (think it was in a Russian airport, but not sure). The second one, this morning, in ESSA, also from the market place.

Found this unforgiveable step in… i think it was rwy 01R, at about 100kts, broke my nose gear but managed to take-off (don’t ask me how), but of course couldn’t perform a safe touch down afterwards. At least it was a challenging landing… kind of emergency and troubleshooting practice, to say the least.

Same here. Happenned at nellis afb in las vegas 01/23. Fortunalely went down the step so no crash but almost flipped to one side. So many bugs still in the game.

A year later there’s still a step at KMSN. Several, actually, but most are tiny, barely perceptible bumps. The one on RWY 21 is big enough to wreck your airplane if you hit it.