Stick + Mouse and Keyboard bindings

Just looking for advice or help on how to use a joystick such as a Thrustmaster T-Flight Stick X and a keyboard work exactly?
Do the default keyboard bindings work together with the flight stick? It appears that I need to choose an input control and that’s it. It’s either a flight stick or keyboard but not both.
I just want to make sure I can use the keyboard to do the minor controls, such as turn on lights, and activate pitot heat, etc etc, if you know what I mean.
Clarification or help would be awesome.

No one has any insight or conformation on how or if this works? I can change the key bindings on the keyboard, however when I go back to the game, it thinks that now I want to use the keyboard to fly the plane with and not the flight stick…


it does work together. I am using the Trustmaster T-FLight together with keyboard and mouse myself.


thanks,Shaibora I managed to figure out my issues today. Operator error! LOL

so can you tell me what did you found out? I have the same problem Thanks