Sticky mouse lock for knobs in cockpit

This has bothered me now and even back in my FSX days. The way your mouse can drift off of a knob, while you are trying to adjust it…say like the altitude or heading knobs. This happens because the target areas for the knobs are small so any mouse movement, either by you or plane movement, causes you to drift off the knob, then you either start zooming in our out, depending on how you are rotating the mouse wheel a the time…

A possible solution…Once you move your mouse on to a knob, it’s “locked” on that knob and would require more force to move it off the knob than usual. This replicates what happens in the real world…you grab a knob with two or three fingers and rotate it…No matter what the plane does, you fingers remain on the knob the whole time…


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What I do is press down on my hat switch once, which puts you into that instrument view, which doesn’t move around as the plane moves. Then you can adjust instruments as you see fit, without missing the knobs.