Still cant get in, after 1 month

To day was the closest, i followed peoples claims, up loaded and launch xbox, run wreset?, restart Great!!!back in business loaded planned test route EGKK to EGCC.!BANG!
Stuck half way WONT XXXXXIG LOAD, and someones asked about MS yearly Subscription…NoWay for a product thats cost me £134.00 and cant fly through there mandatory updates, i was happy how it worked back in JuLY🤨

I would try something a bit more rural than Gatwick for initial testing.

Be sure to turn off all other traffic as well … try making it crawl a bit first and go from there if positive results transpire.

If it won’t load, chances are it’s an add-on that is causing the problem. If MSFS CTDs or you quit abruptly without exiting normally, there should be an option to run MSFS in safe mode without any add-ons. Run it in safe mode and try EGKK to EGCC without any add-ons (add-on can be something in your Community folder, or even a marketplace purchase).

Without any add-ons, EGKK to EGCC should load and work normally, unless you have other issues (ie. you have hardware issues).

Hi m8 thx ,but im in safe mode, and it let me fly a mission around New York, and landed in La Guardia, i thought great, But it wont let me plan a flight UK, no it lets me plot a flight, but when i click Fly it loads half way and stops, i wait, then have to go Task manager to quit, i have no add ons, and took out Fly by wire, but at least i got this far, best iv had all month.

I saw the post and thought I’d have a go myself. I normally fly small GA craft, but looking at a couple of your other posts I guess you were trying it in an A320* so I installed the basic NEO package (I have no airliners installed normally, nor extra liveries) and I setup a low level IFR from EGKK to EGCC. I saved it, for future attempts, and hit Fly and it failed to load (interesting!).
I renamed my Community folder to stop any of that interfering with the process, including the Gatwick mod I had installed, I turned off Real-Time Traffic (no name plates) and Multiplayer, (I also turned off iTunes but kept my Firefox browser still running) but kept LittleNavMap, SimDashboard, Enhanced Live Traffic, Flight Recorder, UJR running, and tried again (not starting in Safe Mode) - success!
I tried a 3rd attempt, this time with the Gatwick mod installed - success again, though slower to load.
For the 4th attempt I dragged-in Bijan’s excellent Seasons mod (both global and UK versions, together with the trres and gorse elements) - success.
For the 5th quick attempt, I turned on Real-Time Traffic (no name plates) and Multiplayer - again success.
For the 6th attempt, I moved all of my Community folder back, but using a Package Manager I disabled
the ‘Enhanced Ground Vehicles’ mod, leaving around 120 packages (UK piers, a few 3rd party GA planes, Live METAR, live ships, several missions, some European scenery etc) - successfully launched a flight again.
The 7th attempt was basically going back to the original configuration and enabling the 22 EGV packages (but not the Subtle Taxi Ribbon and two MayDay missions that weren’t moved by the Package Manager) - I expected a failure but got a success!
8th attempt - I manually moved the Ribbon and MayDay missions and tried again - failure, interesting…
9th - re-did my 7th attempt, ie without the Taxi Ribbon and two MayDay missions - success!
I don’t recall experiencing any problems before, but maybe using the Package Manager to enable things saved me the grief? Anyway, I seem to have trouble-shooted my own install if nothing else, but here’s hoping that you have some success.

Steam install on an SSD with all World Updates intalled and ver, 32GB Rolling Cache. 16GB RAM, i5-9600K, RTX2060S with dynamic swap/paging file on SSD.

*I have wondered why I have never had a problem, apart from the time I disabled my swap file(!), and wondered if it were airliner simmers that were suffering all the problems (or those with small swap files)

I wasn’t able to load to Heathrow yesterday. The loading bar stuck at 50% and the sim went unresponsive, tried it twice.

Seems to load now to Heathrow. Have you tried again?

The only thing that did that to me ever was a 3rd party free addon and or a addon A320NX livery.

Yeah, I have a ton of them. I just decided to take off from somewhere else and look into it later. Bit surprised that it now worked, tbh.

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