Still cant make head or tails of the ATR Auto pilot

I was under the impression that the many faults of the ATR had been corrected, specifically auto pilot.
Well maybe it is me but I still cant seem to get it to work. As soon as I try to set an altitude, the thing goes to 99999 feet. I am using SpadNext. whatever they have done doesnt seem to work in the normal way.
I dont have these issues with any other planes. Anyone else managed to work it ?

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I humbly bow to your magnificence wisdom. Thanks

Hi Cynical. I fly the ATR with Spadnext and everything works great. What hardware are you using to set the altitude?

In that case it might be me. I use the saitek\logitech panel. Controlled by SpadNext. Works fine with all other planes but switching on auto pilot and setting altitude works but as soon as I then switch it vertical speedto set that, the altitude goes to 99990 or something like that.
Maybe you can tell me how you do it. It might give me a clue what I am screwing up.
It would be appreciated. I am obviously missing something. At my age, not so unusual. :roll_eyes:

I’m doing a flight in the ATR-42 right now. I tried VS (I normally climb in IAS) and it looks OK. Does it work if you just use the VS button/knob in the cockpit? I’m using the Logitech panel also. Is the 9999 display on the PFD or on the Logitech panel?
I’m not exactly a spring chicken myself, so I understand! :slight_smile:

I see how it can work now.
Setting the VS via the logitech isnt implemented.
So climbing normally until the desired altitude is reached then engaging the auto pilot and pressing
the Altitude button on the Logitech will then hold that altitude.
equally pressing it again will release the hold and climb or descend can continue until
held again.
I need to play around with this a bit more.
At least as the plane is now it is a vast improvement compared to how they released it.