Still Crashing in Long Flights - after SIM Update 3

I was so hopeful that they would fix this issue of the sim crashing with d3d11.dll via the new update. Well, to my dismay, it still crashes with the same event. Today, I also started having the one lens go black followed by the other and complete black for about 5 seconds, then freezes with artifacts. This is new to me. I am not sure my headset just decided to throw a fit but I am just running out of patience with this constant crash. Anyone else is having issues? Have you been able to complete a flight in VR that lasts more than 30 minutes or so?

If so could you also share your system spec/headset model?

Sorry your having trouble. I’ve completed many flights in VR over 30mins.

I haven’t tried the new update yet but all my flights with vr average about 1.5 hours with no CTD

Which headset and GPU are you two using?

I’m using the reverb g2 with a 3090

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