Still CTDs with beta

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(Asus A15 laptop) - Intel I7-11800H, 16GB, 1GB NvME SSD, RTX3060
Just Flight Piper Arrow III
Area of the World / Flight Plan:
Airport (If applicable):

3rd party addons you were using at the time (Mods/add-ons/community content)
jplogistics - c152, pm50-instrument-gtn750, justflight-aircraft-pa28-arrow-iii

Feedback/Bug Description:
Longish 228 miles flight, one CTD at about 100 miles, another about 125. Rebooted laptop, restarted and completed flight 3rd time. I had Little Navmap running alongside monitoring flight.

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solo flight
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Live weather
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West Europe
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Was using Nvidia driver 497.29 with Windows 10

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I also get the random low bandwidth error and everything disappears! I have 500mb over 500 mb internet speed!

I have also had a few CTDs with the beta but it occurred as soon as I started to use the controls for the NXi. It only occurs randomly as most times the NXi works without fault. But when it does occur, it always happens as soon as you turn the knob on the MFD to access the other menus like nearest airport etc. So there may still be some instability with the NXi installed. Running 479.29 on Win11.

Thinking on the CTDs I have had (I think 4) they all happened when MSFS screen didn’t have the focus. I was looking at other screens (Little Navmap, for one) when MSFS just disappeared. Very frustrating!

So with the release of this update today for everyone has the CTD been resolved?

I just had an update - but not sure if it’s ‘the’ update - and my version says which is the same level as the beta. This official community website still has the so I’ll wait and see what the consensus is - and there should be an announcement, of course. I’d hope the official release would be an updated release number.