Still experiencing CTD?

Good evening simmers,

My sim is still very intermittent. Today I had a CTD just before take off. Is anyone else still experiencing these issues?


Yep I’m on Xbox series s and my cockpit screens going out and then CTD


Thanks for the reply Brice. Although I’m using the sim on a desktop, I don’t see any solution…

I am. I have rebooted computer an did everything that everyone said an still nothing.
MSI G65thin I7 9th gen RTX 2060 16gigs ram
CTD everytime I press fly. every time, haven’t flown since update 5

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Hey buddie, likewise.
We’re both running well above required specs. I recently download the sim onto a new SSD, dedicated purely for the game. I thought this may have been the issue but nope…still CTD :face_with_monocle:

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I had to replace my ssd that contains my OS (Windows 10 Pro for Workstations) so I’ve been reinstalling all of my software. My first flight with MSFS 2020 suffered a CTD, and the only add-on installed was the FBW A32NX DEV. No other mods at all. While programming the MCDU the sim crashed to the desktop. If that could be explained…

Could it be the FBW320? I ask because that’s what I use almost 100% of the time…
Time to do some testing :ok_hand:

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Well into a nice VR flight with the TBM today all ended with a sudden MSFS program shutting off. It reminds me of the old golf gotcha joke. CTDs don’t happen often but I always know another is coming some time while I’m enjoying flying.


Hello everyone.

As this topic does not describe a specific bug, but asks for feedback,
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Just to put the icing on the cake. I tried to open it this morning to do a flight after yesterdays CTD and …tatda.
Thats it, back to xplane. mother nature is telling me something :slight_smile:


I still get a few, though less since MS eventually got the updated Orbx L ondon Landmarks onto the marketplace.

Definitely had CTDs with the development version of the A320nx, but OK with the stable version (and the development version changes so often, that’s probably OK now as well).

Other crashes I’ve not really identified the cause.

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I uninstalled the FBW mod and no CTDs. I tried the Stable version - CTD. Uninstalled again - no CTD. Tried the Experimental version - CTD. Uninstalled a third time and again - no CTD. This is the first time since I have ever had this sort of issues with the FBW mod. Also, my Community folder was completely empty through all this testing (still is). The only thing I haven’t tried is rolling back my Nvidia driver. I will try that and report back later.


2 hours from EGSS to LEPA 8 miles out on final boom CTD gutted, everything else was fine just froze all configured for landing

I suspect it was a livery pack I installed or latest nvidia studio driver , so just going to do a shorter flight and see how that goes

Beforehand, I haven’t had CTD since last sim update , but jeeez 8 miles out ……dear oh dear so bloody frustrating

This was with the developmental FBW mod , had no issues before

Just rolled back my driver and uninstalled this livery mod so will report back later

Yep CDT when loading not played this GAME since UP5, and all I read here on this forum is the new eye candy is on it’s way.


This is the thing that I find most interesting. How is it possible that a PC way above recommended spec is experiencing these sorts of issues? If I were to invest in a capable PC, I’d be a bit miffed that the game keeps crashing.

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Unless the OP has a dodgy add on , I’m testing an hour flight after uninstalling an add on pack and rolled back my driver

Will update if I make it to LEPA :pray: which is a payware airport, had problems when I first installed it a couple of months back but I have flown into it numerous times since and no problems so will see if it is that ……

Im flying on xbox series X and it feels like that there are even more CTD‘s when approaching an add on Airport like. openhagen or Manchester for example. btwThe jetways are allways missing when you arrive at payware airports…thats not acceptable!

I can get a ctd after flying for a while. I have no addon at all. It’s annoying that I can come from a perfect flight getting close to land and then CTD. So I keep my flights under 30 minutes when I do use the sim which isn’t often

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Well I made it to LEPA , taxied to gate and shutdown fine so it must have been a dodgy add on that I installed earlier today or it was the latest nvidia studio driver that I installed earlier and rolled back to the previous one

God this sim is so frustrating, should have just checked the mod as I think that probably was the cause but with this sim who knows ……sometimes it has a mind of its own