Still having ILS issues with the DC6

I dont know what’s going on but the DC6 is again not following the Localiser
I had it on VLOC, I was established as far as I could see everything was ok the frequency was tuned for the ILS, I wasn’t trying to do the approach using Approach just get lined up… but look at the path I had to pull it back. I could barley see due to weather, Either I am doing things wrong or something is messed. It’s getting very frustrating now, that I cant trust what is going happen… It works like 40% of the time. I did that rather neat little circle to lose some alt and stabilise the plane, I know not the best place, but when you cant see and I am the ATC I thought over water is best. The red Arrow is where I was hoping it would start to follow the localiser to the ILS.

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Same here.

However, I do have a workaround. Do everything you’d normally do, but do not switch the GPS to VLOC (that is if you use the GPS-setup and not the radio one). You will not see the glideslope, but it will capture it. 100% of the time. It’s not how it’s supposed to work, but for me it works.

With the prescribed method it’s like 1 out of 10.

I’m trying something new now… not sure if that’s gonna work. Will report if so.


Or configure the DC-6 for radios only, no glass. Then it also works everytime.

Thank you for your help, Please let me know if it works.

Yeah the problem is how do you deal with sparse VOR’s especially in Alaska? What i mean is do you just stay on a heading until you have picked up your next one?

No, sadly it didn’t… another failed capture…

Where in Alaska would you be out of VOR coverage and also don’t have an NDB?

No I tried that… same thing… totally unreliable…

I’ve given up on it actually… most of the time I use my GPS method.

Hmmm… then something is wrong. I never had it failed.

I’ve had it work on one approach. Next day I did a repeat, same steps, and it failed. There’s just no reliable way to tell if it’s gonna work or fail, but I do know for sure it should not be this complicated. If this happened in the real plane… boy…

I am considering a reinstall though. Of the DC-6. Maybe something underlying is broken. I’ve had this from the start. Also the votes are still out if that GPS method should actually work (it does) and if that’s RNAV.

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I have all my DC-6 variants configured to radios only. When I load it, it’s already on radios, I never see the GPS.

Are you loading it, switching GPS off and then fly? Maybe there’s a difference?

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Well that’s maybe something worth trying. The problem is that I do like to fly with the GPS.

I’d much rather see someone at PMDG or Asobo figure out why this is so unreliable for some people.

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I also had to reinstall once because it was totally broken. I didn’t try an approach at that time, thouh.

Yes, I have that in mind. With you it was kinda clear that something was really wrong. Maybe this GPS/VLOC thing can also be messed up internally. It’s probably worth a try.

You like flying with the GPS? Nothing wrong with that! Many have problems, something must be wrong probably.

But isn’t it also strange that nobody seems to know why that GPS method works or if it should work at all? It’s not documented… I have no idea why it captures a glideslope when you can’t see it.

That’s strange, yes.

I was thinking: perhaps it’s some internal GPS bug, where the airplane thinks it’s in VLOC. Something really messed up in the GPS unit. Might also explain the unreliability. Some kind of state bug. But well, no use speculating. If I want to make sure I fly a reliable ILS, I just leave it on GPS.

I do run into occasional problems though with this GPS method. It does seem to want an activated approach at some point. Or at least press the FPL button once. Else it tends to deviate in that last leg (haven’t really figured out yet when or why it does that sometimes).

I do get a bit fed up with all these workarounds… forget something and you’re improvising again… hopefully that big update next week will bring some improvement.