Still having issues with A320 liveries

Hi all, msfs 2020 I am still having issues with installing liveries for a320. I downloaded megapack7 liveries, unzipped the zip file, copied the liveries I wanted to desktop and then put them in the ‘community’ folder. Started the sim, selected a320, looked in the ‘liveries’ for the a320 and there is nothing there but the default livery. My path to the community folder is E:ms 2020/community/Asobo_A320_NEO_LUFTHANSA (AS AN EXAMPLE) but the livery does no show up in the in game liveries directory. I should mention that I do have the latest version of FlyByWire A32NX which updated the DEFAULT A320NEO (it did not create an separate A320NX). I have seen youtube videos of the A32NX with the Lufthansa livery so I assume A320NEO liveries work wit the A32NX I was wondering if anyone is experiencing the same problem and if a fix has been found. The community folder path is correct I checked it in the sims dev mode. Cheers NB

Have you tested this using a single livery instead of megapack?

Recommend using the installer, then you will be sure you have the folder structure correct.

Personally, I don’t really fancy the megapack. There’s just so many liveries in there and that there’s no standards between each other. The thumbnail is either the standard generated by the dev mode, or custom airline logo. Then some liveries are high resolution, while others low resolution. And looking at the aircraft.cfg file, there’s so many things that’s just wrong, wrong tail number format, wrong callsign, lack of AI model, incorrect parking/gate type, and improper structuring.

It’s good if you want easy install and access a lot of liveries that just works. But for me, it’s too much of a unstandardised mess with varying degrees of quality where I probably won’t use more than 10% of the livery it provides.

I prefer downloading individual liveries that I can be sure they’re at 4K or 8K res, and even so, I always end up changing a lot of the cfg values with proper callsigns, tail number, and standardised thumbnail that would help searching them easily.

But this is just my personal opinion.

There can be issues with these mega packs.
I have seen quite a few posters here who had to remove them from the Community Folder, as they were either crashing the sim, or preventing it from starting.
You are much better off getting individual liveries.

As mentioned here, I would highly recommend you visit “” and just choose individual liveries that you want.

All of these are correctly structured. All you have to do is unzip them, and place them directly into your community folder.

If you are specifically after Lufthansa - go to the area in where aircraft liveries are - specifically A320Neo. Then search Lufthansa. All of them will show up and you can pick and choose which specific livery you wish to try.

I myself choose individual liveries, but does anyone know how to target ai liveries by themselves or in packs? Its cool to see the different real life varieties in the sim…

The AI liveries that can work straightaway only refer to the aircrafts parked at the gate. You can use the existing livery by duplicating the Model folder and add AI, and also changing the model.cfg file to refer to the AI traffic model. Then you have to add a new line in Aircraft CFG file to refer to the AI model as AirTraffic and not as UserSelectable. Then add the Manifest.json file to add that extra new AI model. Then whenever you start your flight at the airport, you should see some of the parked aircraft to have that livery.

The one actually moving around on Live Traffic mode uses a different model, and therefore a completely different livery structure. I found a few mods that actually replaced these liveries and they generally work really well. The only problem with that is, if the mod doesn’t have the livery of a specific airline code, the sim will not spawn them. So whenever I’m using those liveries, I can see British Airways, or generally European AI Live traffic. But when I fly around South East Asia, I can only see Singapore Airlines and nothing else. When I remove that mod, all the other Live traffic returns. So I’m not using it at the moment.

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Thank You guys for all the great advice… I will try your methods and let you know how it goes.
Much Appreciated

Ok went to, downloaded 5 liveries to a download folder I created. Extracted the folders containing the SimObjects folder, the ‘Layout.json’ and the ‘Manifest.json’ but no luck in installing them. I followed the directions exactly, I think there must be something wrong with my sim install :confused:
Do you think that must be it guys?

You have to install with the folder on top of it as well.

So when you extract the livery, it should be just a single folder (with all the contents inside it) into your community folder. Depending on which version of the sim you get it from. On STEAM version, you should see it under:

%APPDATA%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community

Just open that path in your windows explorer, and you can extract the livery folder here. The SimObjects, layout, and manifest file should be inside the livery folder, and the livery folder is the one in the community folder.

This should explain it much better than I can