Still issues on Xbox series!

Not only does the cockpit screen turn black but now the application crashes and closes alone to all flights on XBOX console. I really refocus the regret of having spent for MFS2020 not only the console, the games and the accessories that go with it to undergo soon a month the same things

What version of Xbox are you running on? I am not seeing any issues on the Xbox X atm.


On the XBox series S

I have yet to see any problems of this type on my Series X, and I try to get in a little flight time every day.

I can’t fly and I don’t think it’s the console that has a problem. All other games and apps are not problems. I even had to reset the console. Today the game crashes on all the flights I try to make, all without exception

The first thing I would suggest is to try it with no other peripherals connected (other than the Xbox controller).
If the problem persists, I would reinstall the sim. (I know that’s time consuming, but it might be worth it).

I already reinstall the simulator twice.

Are you using any peripherals? (You seem to have an issue that other Series S owners aren’t reporting, so it might be something unique to you setup)

This is typical for PC users. Some people have no problems, some people can’t even start it. Nobody really knows why. Once you’ve tried the obvious (peripherals) then there’s not much else you can do.

Try doing something completely different, so if you fly the A320 in the US try flying the C152 in Europe. Try a bush flight rather than the flight setup screen.

About the only known is there is a memory leak bug for long flights (2 hours +)

Also, have you tried it without any add ons?

iam using Series S as well, but read a lot of Series X Users had the same problems, is a BUG, has nothing to do with Controllers or Mods installed

I’d definitely take a back to basics approach. It must be infuriating to have constant crashes, but best to take a simple debug approach. Re-initialise XBox if you have to, reinstall base game, all default settings (but maybe with AI traffic set to ‘OFF’) with no world scenery updates & just use xbox controller, does problem go away? If it is ok then start adding things back in one at a time eg one scenery pack or on peripheral at a time. Fortunatley I’ve not had any issues on series X, but I did have a peripheral ‘conflict’ for a while with an integrated touchpad in my wireless keyboard interfering with the XBox controller causing FPS issues and sometimes CTD’s. Took a while to debug. I think debug approach of doing single things at a time (if you haven’t already) is the only way to find out what’s going on tbh & I know that is a pain with the download sizes involved. The only mod I’ve had to make so far in FS on series X is to turn off AI Traffic. CTD’s have reduced dramatically for me with that one change.

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I’ve been running Series X free of crashes for 60 flight hours.

Until one day I enabled live traffic and had 8 crashes. Switched that off again to a future date.


ok, thanks, iam only using SIM on my xbox series s, after getting it for 1 week, in my first step i have deinstalled mods for testing, had black screens on my a320 and then ctd, so i installed my mods back, but thanks for your tipp with AI Live Traffic, i will test it after work today

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thanks, i will check these today, maybe thats sounds it could be the problem

Got another problem with the sensibility of controller using the checklist or calling the tower in game; if i scroll the cursor the autopilot sometimes switches off while using it to hard, any reason where i can change? Some others with the same problems here?

However, I don’t have any add ons. I’m not the only one on xbox to report a problem with all-black screen in cockpit and crashes. Some have one or the other. But I have both of them

Live traffic wasn’t an issue when FS2020 launched on XBox in July, it has been a major source of CTD’s for me on XBox X since last update though. Like you say CTD’s largely gone for me since disabling AI Traffic. I enabled again after a afew hrs of trouble free flying but I set it to be 10% instead of 100% thinking perhaps it was a density thing but experienced a CTD almost immediately.

It’s a known issue for MS. They list AI Traffic as a cause for CTD’s on their known issues page. All I know is that it’s been a major problem for me since last update and has largely rectified all my CTD’s since disabling. From MS known issues page-

"CTDs : Sim may crash when flying with AI traffic
Set AI Traffic settings off by going to General > Traffic > Aircraft Traffic Type > OFF

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but, i have saved my flt after getting black screens on the a320, and after i would reload it the sim crashes, every times i would load these savefile