Still looking for international Flight Simmers

Hello Everyone,

I have a Discord with quite a few international Flight Simmers, and real Pilots like myself. We do regular Group Flights in different places, and we try to do a race from time to time.
The idea of our Group Flights is to either learn something, or see cool things, with the great scenery provided by Microsoft Flight Simulator.
There are only respectful people on the Discord, and on our Group Flights everyone gets the chance to talk and discuss things.

If you are interested in joining our Group, feel free to join the Discord here:

If you’d like to see what we do, you can check out Youtube and/or Twitch:

If you have any questions, please let me know. If you have any cool idea for a Group Flight, feel free to join and let us know.

Hope to see you soon.

Kind regards,

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oh and so I don’t forget, there is a Group Flight tomorrow ! Feel free to join or follow along on Youtube or Twitch

That is quite a feat! :wink:
I will check this out…

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Well I actually mean it ! Everyone is very respectful to each other ! So yes, please check for yourself. Join us on tomorrow’s group flight, or check out one we did previously !

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Just let me know when you join - if your discord name is different
My discord is PaPaPilot

logged in now
Was SocialLager. Changed to match the forum.

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We had an incredible flight, and amazing scenery.

For those you want to see how we do the group flights, feel free to check it out:

Please add me.

Hello, here Is the link to the discord:


If anyone is interested, there is a new Group Flight coming up soon

Egypt Sightseeing Flight
Jan, 21 - 7:15 PM UTC
Aircraft: TBM
Departure: HEGN
South East Asia Server