Still low FPS with BETA on the A310 just came out. While i am happy the GPWS altitude call out, IRS and Trim wheel settings icon are fixed. Frame rates is still on the low end. Comparison with other aircraft at the same scenery and the others would give out 10-15more fps.

If you notice the A310 resource allocation is still 20% lower than the PMDG or FENIX.

WASM encryption is fixed but have yet to see any cache dll files generated on the a310 package folder except the regular work folder as well.

Specs and Settings
i7 9700
32gb 3200mhz RAM

Sim settings set to 1080p with high end graphics settings not ultra and on TAA instead of DLSS.

Same thing as before, WASM compilation issue I’d guess. It’s loading far too fast and not compiling everything on the first load-in.

I’m not in the Beta but as far as I could tell they ended up stating that there actually was no compiling problem with the A310 after all and it was just the way WASM was shown in debug that was in error as it did not recognise that WASM was encrypted. This has been fixed in the Beta already.

So, I don’t think they believe there was any WASM “compilation” issue that effected performance after all.

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A check on the package folder all relevant items have dll, lib, cache files.

FBW A32NX, Fsuipc, Aerosoft Twin otter, gsx, fenix, pmdg and even airport sceneries all have them. The a310 package folder is the only sole item to have 0 items in it apart from the work folder. So far have not encountered any long first time loadings with each beta update for the a310.

Even if WASM is not the cause for performance degrade surely something is not right here with the package folder being empty.

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The others arent encrypted. Its possible that the compiled files are included in the encrypted archive files rather tha the wasm files and so no compilation has to take place.

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As far as WASM is concerned, to my understanding the whole thing is encrypted, unlike PMDG 737 or the CRJ. Therefore you will not see neither the actual files inside packages nor you will “notice” the compiling taking place.

While iniBuilds originally thought it was a WASM compilation issue, they no longer think the poor performance of the A310 is related to WASM compilation. In fact, I think they said the A310 is not supposed to go through a compilation, like the PMDG 737 and Fenix A320 do, because the A310 is a part of the MSFS base files.

In any case, I think the OP and others here with poor FPS in the beta can report the poor performance on the iniBuilds Discord channel: iniBuilds

I don’t know if iniBuilds follows this beta forum. But for sure, iniBuilds developers do communicate and read what is written in their Discord channel.

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I’ve already pinged them on discord and their official forums since day 1 i guess. It is still on timeline when it comes to bugfixes no delays with these 2 betas. I just hope the devs at INI can find more ways to optimize performance. Low CPU and GPU usage seems to be their main issue. Looking at their scenery comments a lot of users are also having low fps on their add-on scenery.


Great! Thanks for reporting it to iniBuilds in their Discord channel!

I think making a thread and reporting it here too is also good, because the MSFS team reads this forum. So the MSFS team (ie. Jorg or Seb), may put a little pressure on iniBuilds to fix this FPS problem, if they read the problem here.

So a combination of reporting in the iniBuilds Discord, and also making a thread here, is the best way, IMO.

For me SU11 has perf issues with DX12/DLSS. So it isn’t an A310 specific thing.
Are you using DX11 or DX12?

For me -

SU10 : DX12+DLSS = very smooth/fluid operation in sim
SU11 : DX12+DLSS = a CPU mainthread limited stuttery mess
SU11 : DX11+DLSS = better performance, but low FPS/stuttery during departures/arrivals
SU11 : DX11+TAA * = perfectly fluid sim again
(*note: I also disabled new in game setting for NVidia Reflex Low Latency)

I am now using the A310 (non beta version) and the sim is running fine with the A310 behaving normally with no FPS issues.


For me the situation is only present on the a310. Yes the 1st BETA update did improve performance by around 5fps compared to the non BETA release and during cruise i am no longer constricted to 38fps on cruise and it has gone up to 46fps.

But then when i switch to the Fenix and PMDG the fps was way ahead like the picture i posted above. The fenix was ahead by 10fps and the pmdg by almost 15fps and both of them would lock 60fps during cruise. All of this on dx11 + TAA. I never bothered with DLSS due to ghosting on screen.


Interesting to know. For me the A310 is fine now so will improve further with the latest improvements when they release, but I have a 5950+RTX3090 and lock at 30FPS/60Hz so my resources are managed better anyway, but the FPS issues for me were all down to DX12/DLSS regression in SU11 which is weird in itself.

For what its worth, prior to today I was getting about 40fps. Today however I was getting about 20 fps and decided to try the Beta. When I updated this morning to 29.29 I was getting about 30fps, and earlier tonight I grabbed the 29.30 update and I am getting a solid 40+ fps.

For what its worth, I’ve noticed a loss in FPS in this beta and I am not even flying the A310. Something isn’t right. SU11 was flawless w/ my 4090 and now it’s still “good” but not as smooth.

For what its worth i am getting about 120 fps or more in the beta with the a310.
Yes i really do, i do have a 4090 and a 5800x3d but still.

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Only time I have FPS issues with it is when I try and do anything with the 310 and Inibuilds LAX add on. FPS nightmare but I go anywhere else it’s fine. Probably more to do for me with the LAX scenery tho.

I doubt one can do much about it. This has always been part of inibuilds problem. They seem to develop with only highest end customers in mind, as can be seen on any of the sceneries like KLAX or KSAT. Its a nightmare and only now works, when ive upgraded from a 2080 to a 2080TI.

Int the scenries of them its VRAM, in the A310 its CPU… Its bashing it in a way ive never seen before. Like can be seen here. (this is on high and 120 LOD… everything else runs flawless on 30 fps lock here…)

I 9900k
RTX 2080

and the mainthread goes ballistic. Personally ive decided to give up on it and have learned something for the future. I hate saying it but in that case, what can one say?
If its their decision to only develop for highest-end, im not accepting it and im out.

PS: To Asobo, now that the A310 is part of the basepack, wouldnt it be time to update the system requirements to something like a 12900k and a 3080 TI minimum?


Perhaps the sim sees you plummeting to your death and is trying to slow things down for you :laughing:

Same problem as the OP here.

Actually my advice for this sort of thing is move your community folder contents somewhere where msfs wont access it and see if it improves. If it does add things back one by one and see what happens.