Still no hotfix 2 ( available

I’m on Steam, and it says the update is available, but it never gets to the download stage. Is there a trick to getting it?

I dont even get a update available thingy it just loads straight to the main menu…
edit:check your version as it might alrady have updated to, like in my case

Are you still unable to get the Hotfix 2 from MS store

I’m using steam version. It just updated without my knowledge, I assume when starting steam, my version says it’s 1.18. 15.0

I had to reinstall it to get the 1.18.15, I have Win 11 and was telling me to go to the Xbox App, you can see the Update there but does nothing. Uninstalled it and reinstalled it… 140Gb later I have 1.18.15

I’ve now got it, thanks.

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