Still no Live AI traffic

I’m really grateful for msfs 2020. However I’m wondering and I’m sure others are as well why is there still no AI traffic going? Even back in FS9 there was ai traffic. Even if it’s default airlines that’s fine with me.


Have you enabled live traffic? it’s working fine for me.


Might depend on where you’re flying. I use live traffic in the US, AI in europe set to all max and I still hardly see anything. Actually see a few crossing passed me at high altitude in the midday in US. Find max default AI where I use it is lacking. Right now I’m in Africa, and I’m about to try to model myself a boat cause I haven’t seen ANYTHING in two days lol.


I have traffic set to live and I’ve had traffic set to offline 100% ai and haven’t seen anything over here in eastern Egypt. I have tried all over the planet. Until some good third party add on comes will see.

In the air or on the ground too?

Yeah Egypt. That’s it, there isn’t a soul there on mine either. Apparently the birthplace of humanity hasn’t learned how to fly according to msfs.


Are you insane? There’s way more live traffic going on. I’m counting 14 planes just over the Gulf of Mexico.

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I was flying to a few islands outside Anchorage and saw air traffic there. A field I landed at looked like a airshow was taking place.
Why have you turned off LIVE Traffic ?

I just tried live traffic to see if there was traffic or anything and there’s nothing. My connection is very good. Maybe something else is causing the issue?

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I find AI traffic a bit hit or miss , in the US for some reason it’s more saturated but Europe not so much and apart from the odd squawking from other airlines it can get pretty quiet in the air and on the ground, other times it does get busier, just my Two cents worth :thinking:

I’ve just done EGBB to EGPH and there wasn’t much about, but there was an easyjet in front of me to land. Then it disappeared. Then it popped up behind me. After I landed I watched it land, disappear and then reappear on final again. There’s a lot of work to do!

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Non stop live traffic in my visits to Sydney, Christchurch and Vancouver. Absolutely nothing in KLAX or around London when i went there. As with everything in this sim it’s completely inconsistent.


I gave them already a short overview of the stuff that needs improvmemt and how it can be done.

This Live AI is a huge undertaking and they even want to go one step further and seems this has caused the most issues,but it can be fixed.

Give them some time, or just Switch to offline for now.


Just for clarification, in case people are comparing two different things, AI and Live are not related…


I fly out of Vancouver a lot and often have to hold short for traffic on final.

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I took off from KDEN a little bit ago, and there was no live traffic at all…

The real world flight data comes from FlightAware which is a community of people who have bought or built ADS-B receivers and run software that submits the tracking data to FlightAware who supplies it with a slight delay to Microsoft to use for real-time traffic. Coverage for real world aircraft therefore depends on a strong user community submitting tracking information.

Here’s FlightAware’s coverage map:

If you are flying in areas not well covered, you won’t see the real-world aircraft like you do in areas that are well-covered.

Setting up an ADS-B receiver is really pretty easy and you can do it for around $100. Anyone who lives in areas of low coverage can set up their own receiver and improve coverage. It’s also cool because you can watch air traffic in your own area without any blackouts, no delay, in real time, etc. (be sure to check local laws - it may be illegal in some countries) I can see aircraft out to almost 250nm from my antenna but it depends on the antenna placement, mountains, buildings and other obstructions. All suitably-equipped aircraft broadcast their ids and positions about every second. All it takes to receive and decode those signals is a $20 software defined receiver and a Raspberry Pi computer (about $50-60) and some other bits depending on the installation.

With your own ADS-B receiver, you get a web page map that shows the planes and their tracks in real time. I can watch pilots do pattern work, watch news and air ambulance helicopters go here and there, watched a nearby Air Force base run mock assaults on a prison, etc. I never new we had gliders from about 50 miles away do cross country flights to my location but they do. Here’s a portion of a track from a busy day a few months ago and you can see the track change color as the pilot chased thermals.


FlightAware ist not only based on ADS-B data by Feeders, the “base” data they use for the flights is provided by the airlines, the FAA and other sources.

Check out the dev update by MS explaining how the Hyperfeed is working: July 2nd, 2020 Development Update - Microsoft Flight Simulator

The main “live” data is provided via the Feeders, but the core set of data is comming from other sources and is then updated with the ADS-B data.

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I see live traffic on ground and in the air, not as busy but they’re there. I think Asobo should connect with Flightradar24


There is a slider to specify how much AI traffic you want generated. Your slider might be set at 0. Try moving it up to 100 to fill your skies.