Still no live weather

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I fly from EDDF to LFPG. In LFPG there was a METAR with CAVOK. But when I landed in LFPG there were clouds from 5000 to 12000 feet everywere. No CAVOK. I check some information about the weather in LFPG from different websites. All say CAVOK but in MSFS it was broken cloud.

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Today the same. TO in LFPG. METAR says CAVOK, in Sim many clouds???

Two things:

  1. CAVOK (clouds and visibility OK) DOESN’T necessarily mean “clear skies”. The general rule is that there are no clouds below 5000’ AGL. It’s absolutely possible for METAR to report CAVOK and still have cloud cover

  2. The title of the post is “Still no live weather”. If you have live weather enabled AND you’re seeing clouds, visibility, winds, etc., then live weather is functioning for you.

Everything you’ve described indicates you aren’t having any problems at all.

OK , thanks for your help. I thought, that CAVOK means no Clouds at all. When I use REX Weather, there will be no clouds in LFPG. With MSFS there it will be nearly overcast above FL 100.

No problem. The reason why REX shows clear skies is because that weather engine is based entirely on METAR reports with no other weather data used to “fill in the blanks” for the rest of the atmosphere.

Live weather in the sim is based on forecasts that are updated twice per day from Meteoblue that cover the entire atmosphere. METAR data is then injected in addition to the forecast in an attempt to provide more locally accurate weather.

CAVOK actually translates to ceiling and visibility OK.