Still No Registration Number On The TBM After Sim Update 9

Same problem

This has been a bug with the TMB for a while and Asobo are showing no signs of fixing this anytime soon. When I looked at the 3d model it looks like they accidentially deleted the part that the tail number sits on. However some of the additional default 3d models do not have this problem. Asobo creates a new 3d model for each of their default liveries, but I think only the main default has this problem. Both the Asobo Kenmore and Livery01 liveries are OK. Any user liveries that only access this main 3d model will also have the problem.

My Black pack for the TBM references one of the 3d models that do have a tail number. So you can use those liveries with your tail number.

There might be an advantage to an unregistered airplane. You can buzz the Las Vegas Strip, and no one will be able to report anything but a description of the plane. Go land in a remote desert strip and throw a camo net over the plane - the authorities will never find you!

Does the new opening doors feature still work with your model file?

Yes and No. In order to get around the tail number problem my liveries use Asobo’s livery01 3d model which still has a tail number.

My liveries operate just like Asobo’s Livery01 if you wanted to see how it is currently working without installing my liveries. From the inside it looks much the same as it does on the default livery, and the opening doors work just fine. But you do see a few leftover bits in the door opening from the external part of the door that hasn’t moved. But from the outside you see both the inside of the open door and the closed door together.

Looks like Asobo just forgot to update the external model of their additional liveries, so that the external part of the door moves. I have tested all of Asobo’s additional liveries now and they all have the same problem, both the opened and closed doors are visible from the outside. So at present you can’t have a user defined tail number AND opening doors that look right.

Any liveries that have the tail number built into the textures will not have a problem, but of course you won’t be able to assign your own tail number. Its unfortunate that the updates to the default TBM also broke the TBM improvement mod, since that already had the best of both worlds. A changeable tail number and fully functional opening doors.

Another update, 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

This is what it looks like now from the outside and inside of the livery01 3d model my liveries use.

I removed the Luka/Mugz mod, along with all WT folders, prior to putting my Community folder back in place after the latest update. My TBM is now bone stock and I have no issues with the doors. I ditched those horrible “01” liveries as soon as they came out, so maybe that has something to do with it - I guess we’ll never know. I have no intention of putting those liveries back in. The missing external reg doesn’t bother me. In fact, I never even noticed it until I saw this thread. The internal placard on the panel is still there.

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AAU1 and sim update 12 and STILL this issue persists.

How does fixing this problem make Microsoft any more money?

That is the question Microsoft is asking themselves with every problem like this that they have ignored.

And that is why I’ve stopped flying MSFS altogether. They have left a path of destruction with their updates, and they don’t care.

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Absolutely spot on. They don’t care about fixing the core sim.

Well still enjoy flying the TBM…didn’t notice the problem 'til it came up in the streams…this “path of destruction” doesn’t bother me at all!

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Hi, all,
My initial problems were no registrations show on all aircraft, including my favourite Tbm930. Not only that, but the door problems were not fixed.
And still no registrations and door fixes after Update12.
Today, I did a complete uninstall of MSFS, and re-installed. My Community folder was empty.
The issues still exist.
Can anyone tell me what to do next to find the culprit, and also has anyone else still having these issues?

Like you I thought they hadn’t fixed the door animation, but I was just not using the correct process. The door operation requires you to unlock the door first with the button forward from the door handle. Confusingly the little locking indicator in the door is green by default, and changes from green to red when you unlock it. Clicking the locking button again will not relock it. You also have to pull the door handle up by clicking and holding down your left mouse button while moving the handle up, rather than just clicking on it as you would in most 3rd party aircraft or mods.

While Asobo did fix the door animations on their alternate liveries, they haven’t restored the tail number on the main default livery. So we are better off than we were before the update. But if the livery you are using references the default TBM livery, then you will not have a tail number.

If you want a TBM that displays the tail number then download my TBM Black Pack. This set of liveries use the 3d models of the “Livery01” and “Kendall” Asobo liveries which do not have the tail number missing.

To avoid future compatibility problems I haven’t included the alternate 3d models with the livery this time. As a result you will need to have the "Livery01" and "Kenmore" Asobo liveries installed via the content manager in MSFS to be able to see my liveries in MSFS.

While existing liveries can be converted to use the same process as mine, it requires a bit of mucking around.

Thanks for this info, BilingualHarp :grinning:

You’ve got great liveries, and your explanation makes me want to come back to MSFS. I got really bent over the missing tail number on the TBM, as it’s one of my favorite aircraft in MSFS. And knowing Microsoft/Asobo could easily fix the problem, but wouldn’t, really put me off.

Everybody has their own straw that breaks the camel’s back, and that was it for me. I haven’t flown MSFS for almost a year now, but maybe I’ll update it and try again. It’s too bad MSFS suffers from the same problem as FSX did…sloppiness by the developers. And I think the problem is with Microsoft pushing Asobo too hard and not allowing them to backtrack to fix simple problems.

Cheers! :sunglasses:

If you “accidentally” push the unlock button in-flight, you’ll get a warning light. To re-lock the door, lift up just slightly on the handle and put it back down.

Great thanks. Wondered how to relock the door.

Hi, BilingualHarp7,
In my case (above post), operating the cockpit door is fine. But the Rear passenger door only opens after about 10-20 presses of the ‘unlock’ button for the door to be opened. Closing this door, in my case, is not possible from the inside of tha cabin. Incidentally, I always believed, in real life, that this passenger door was locked from the OUTSIDE by the pilot, before he enters his cockpit via his own door. Makes sense, as you wouldn’t want the pilot (or a passenger) clambering over other pax to shut or open the door from the inside. But I’m happy to be corrected.
As for registrations, I have previously installed the Default TBM, the ‘1’ version, and the Kenmore, together with several different 3rd-party-repainted models. And not one shows the registration exterior and/or interior. The 3rd-party models were added to my Community singularly and en-masse and no success.
Just to add to the above, the lights on by Bravo Throttle Quadrant do not work now.

I was able to get the rear door unlocked on the 1st press most times but sometimes it was a bit finicky. But moving my view a bit seemed to fix the problem. Interior click spots don’t like being accessed at an angle, so make sure you are looking directly at the door. I usually move so that I am directly in front of the door handle looking out.

Asobo haven’t enabled the “Close door” button to the right of the door on the interior wall. The only way to close the rear door is to look up and then operate the handle on the upper portion of the door in its opened position. This will close the door. You may have to move further outboard to be able to see the handle when the door is in its open position. Once the door is closed you often then have to pull the handle down a bit more to get it back into the correct closed position.

Having the Livery01 and Kenmore liveries installed doesn’t activate the tail numbers on all liveries. But having these installed will allow you to see liveries like mine that have been set up to use the 3d models of the Livery01 and Kemore liveries, both of which still have a working tail number.

But I expect that most liveries have not been set up this way and therefore will not have a tail number with or without these 3d models installed. Any livery can be converted to use the TBM models that have a working tail number, but it takes a bit of effort.

You can see both liveries use tail number Dingo. The blue one has the tail number on the fuselage and the gold one has it on the vertical tail. So if you use my liveries and have the Livery01 and Kenmore default liveries installed, then you will get a tail number that you can assign to your own value.

And a bit of trivia, the real D-INGO is a Cessna 340.

G’day, BilingualHarp7,
A good reply, and thank you for that.
To attempt to open the rear door, I was selecting from a rather acute angle, so you’ve corrected my mistake. How do I get a more ‘square-on’ image? I guess it must be a series of key strokes, so I’ll look into that later tonight. I’ll also check out the closing of the rear door, too.
I can understand your position by using the ‘01’ and the ‘Kenmore’ models, your designs allow for repaints to be as fully working , WITH registrations. A good move.
My problem is that both of these base aircraft do not have any registration details showing.
I’ve logged a Bug Report, so we’ll wait and see what happens, and when…hopefully.
I’m having a bit of trouble signing up on the website you have linked, but I’ll attempt it again tonight.
So, D-INGO is paired with a Cessna 340. Back in the early days of FSimming, my go-to plane was the 310. Lots of fun, and how it’s all changed with the Sim today…a massive leap, for sure, and a huge learning curve.

I just use the hat on the top of my joystick to pan left or right until I am square on to the door handle.

Since both the Livery01 and Kenmore do have tail numbers for me it is odd that they don’t for you. The screen shots I took were live in MSFS just before I posted the comment. The only thing I could think of was something else in your community folder is causing this issue. Previously I had included the 3d models with the livery, so it is posisble one of your other liveries is doing the same thing and overwriting the newer versions Asobo released with Sim update 12. Because of this problem I now only include a link to the 3d models rather than a copy of the 3d models themsleves.

You could always empty your community fodler (or rename it) and quickly test if something else is the cause of your problems.

Just a note if you are missing the tail numbers in the Hanger. There is a slight delay between displaying any livery in the Hanger and the tail number appearing on the aircraft. The slower your PC the longer the delay before the tail number pops in. Often the default moving view in the Hanger for the TBM has moved on to another part of the aircraft before the tail number pops in.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this thread - this has been logged as a Bug by the Dev Team.

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