Still not getting AP

running PC
Aorus z590
I9 11200
Geoforce 3080TI
4 TB SSD storage
32gb RAM

So either through simbrief or direct from world map
Simple flight from EGNT to EGCN which is only a short flight between. MCDU has what I think is the info from either Simbrief or Direct. Aircraft is a A320 FBW (latest update)

I can take off ok no problems but when I click AP it does nothing just beeps, however sometimes it does latch on…

I can take off and it does not even follow flight plan at all , goes way off

I wanted to have the plane land itself or line up with runway, so I can have a bash at landing

Does the plane reduce altitude or do I have to do it…
What am i doing wrong ?

Does anyone have a plan to fly between 2 simple airports from which I can at least test this

I did get advise about loads of issues with the flight plan showing but can clear (CLR) them.

Also a simple flight shows loads of way points when its just a short flight (40mins)
Tried entering the A320 Neo tutorial flight from sofly and even that does not work (maybe more info is needed than whats on the tutorial)

Sorry but I am new to this and now getting frustrated

It‘s hard to tell what you‘re doing (wrong) with this little information. It would be good to learn what you do on the FCU (autopilot panel) but from what you tell I think you simply don‘t understand the Airbus yet. It‘s a complicated aircraft so that‘s no surprise but there are many tutorials available for example at youtube.

For learning it‘s probably the best you don‘t use any route at all to begin with. On the INIT page just put in an origin and destination, on the FPLN page select the departure airport and select a runway, same for the arrival. Don‘t over complicate things with indtrument departures and arrivals (SID/STAR), choose a flight of 100 nm, load 5 tons of fuel. Use a tutorial on how to fill in the required performance information in the FMS.

Then turn on the flight directors, both sides. If you have done everything correctly the FCU should show nothing except the selected altitude and a dot in every window.

When you reach your destination and descend towards the extended centerline you need to activate the landing system next to the flight director buttons. An Airbus has different modes it can be in and they activate by certain triggers so you definitely need to follow a red line, a good tutorial is key here. It‘s a flying computer and like there is a certain way to use windows or linux there is a way to handle an Airbus. You‘ll get to it but it‘s simply practise. This is not a Cessna after all that just has an engine and a pair of controls.


Thank you for that information, will make note and try
Appreciate it

Don‘t hesitate to ask if you need help. Just keep in mind that the Airbus is a large collection of systems and the more pointed your questions are the preciser the answer can be. And also we‘re not looking over your shoulder, so it‘s important to explain what you do :slight_smile:


Here’s a simple flight that I often use (my home turf) to test that IFR is working properly…

Destination runway 29 via GAURA

It’s about as simple as it gets. Try it using msfs flight planner. If you can’t track and IFR land that route, there is definitely something wrong with what your doing. The AP should pick up the route and take you right down to the ribbon.

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Once you learn the operation of the Airbus, I find it much easier to fly than GA aircraft! :blush:

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Hi again
OK so typed the info into the MSFS
Do I have to update the MCDU with more info ??
Just it went into AP mode after pressing and went way off …help!!!

Whatever you enter into the world map will be entered into the MCDU. You can then enter the cost index and so on, but let’s not make things more confusing right now. You should be able to jump in the plane, take off, and hit AP1 and you’re off. Provide us a screenshot of your flightplan… I’m thinking you may not be selecting IFR fight from the world map and you may be in VFR?

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Selected IFR high altitude and the plan came up with loads of waypoints including the one you mentioned. Looks like it’s following some flight plan now selected managed speed and altitude even though the alarm keeps going off and I have to increase the alt dial and select managed again.
Am I doing things correctly??
Really appreciate this

I wouldn’t even worry about managed mode at this point for speed and altitude. Operate the AP in selected mode for speed and height (no yellow dot) and managed mode (yellow dot) for heading. If you’re not in managed mode for heading, the AP WILL NOT follow the flightplan. It will only follow the direction you have dialed in.

I generally choose low altitude IFR for short flights.

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Hi again
So it now at 27,000 ft and the flight plan has followed track, however it has now passed the airport by 43km and still at 27,000 ft
ATC states declare missed approach
What have I done wrong ??
AP is still on
FD is still on

OK, so it’s tracking the flight plan, so that’s progress. I generally look at the nav log on the world map and figure out where I need to start to descend. Don’t bother with constraints and the like yet. We just want to complete a simple flightplan and get you on the ground. If you’re flying the flight I gave you, you have to be at 3000 ft at GAURA. Another tip, ignore ATC at this point too. The plane should swing around at GAURA and line up with runway 29. As you make the turn on final, hit the APR button to activate the ILS system.

I will be in selected mode for the speed on final. I will not leave it up to the Airbus… Final speed should be about 140

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OK will fly it again later on and let you know
Thanks again, appreciate this

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If you have to, leave CYDF and stay at 3000 feet the entire trip just for training purposes. You won’t have to worry about height then…

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It’s also handy to have the approach plates for your flight so you can see what the parameters are. Fltpln Go is a great app for that and is free. I made a boo-boo going into KJFK last night and wrongly had my height set to 2300 I believe and I picked up the localizer, but not the glideslope. I figured it was bad information in the database, but when I checked the approach plate afterwards (:roll_eyes:) I should have been at around 1800.

Fltpln Go has a very comprehensive listing of North American airports.

OK, that’s enough of my blabbing. Let’s see how it goes with your next flight. :airplane:

I did download navigraph and SimBrief yesterday but maybe a long way off understanding this for now. Could give your recommendation a go
Only been playing since December as built a basic work pc as normally use a Mac.
I9 11900
Gigabyte z590
Geoforce rtx 3080ti
Kingston fury memory and 4tb m.2 ssd drives
So should be ok for a good flight.
It’s just a steep learning curve and time to do it.
Bought a hotas warthog stick and throttle but again getting used to this also.
Thanks again

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