Still trying to get FS2020 Downloaded. Turn off splash screen sound

Is there a way to turn off background sound when still trying to get the Sim to download all of it’s parts. I’d like to use my pc for other audio during the download process.

You can mute it using the volume mixer on your PC or via the Xbox Game Bar volume mixer.

Windows 10?

easiest way was access SOUND Settings from control panel
then go into Advanced sound options - App volume device preferences

you will find a slider bar for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Slide it to 0 and you dont have to put up with the annoying installation tune repeating…

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Haha yes it’s a right pain in the rudder isn’t it! I was watching some of the preview videos on YT and wondering at the terrible sound editing until I realized that the theme music was coming from my install session. (Sorry YT people for my thoughts belittling your abilities…)

Thanks! That did it.

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