Still Unable to Progress Past 80% on “Jack of All Planes”

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Zendesk Ticket #150863

I have been stuck for several months at 80% on “Jack of All Planes”. I kept a list of planes I’ve flown and noted if they counted towards the achievement as I flew them the required distance. The 80% progress appears both in my Pilot Profile in the sim and in the Achievements on the Xbox itself or Xbox app on PC. I flown hem both on Xbox and PC.

The following planes haven’t counted:
• Beechcraft G36
• Robin Cadet
• Robin Cap10
• Ziln Savage Cub

I have flown these planes several times he required distance with no success. There are logs of these flights in my logbook.

I flew the Ziln from L45 to KCIC in California during the 3rd and final version of the beta, it did not count.

Today, March 2, 2022, Martial stated during the Q&A that the achievements were fixed.

During the live stream I was flying the Robin DR400/100 Cadet from L45 to KCIC in CA for a distance of 313 NM.

Upon arrival at KCIC and after shutting down the aircraft, no progress was made past the 80%.

Today, I even stripped the sim down to the base installation plus all the WUs, meaning I’ve removed all the deluxe, premium and Marketplace content (included the G1000 NXi) from the sim to keep it simple. This didn’t help.

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This is possibly difficult, because if the issue is a corruption within my user account, then steps to reproduce may prove to have different results at Asobo.

Set up a 300+ NM flight using one of the aforementioned aircraft and see if it counts.

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The g63 hasn’t counted for me either on the series x

I did let go pilot fly for 5 mins ( don’t know if that matters )

And also I had the g1000 add on maybe it was that I’ll let you know as I plan on trying again tomorrow.

150kt tail wind really helps push the aircraft along

This achievement is indeed one of the toughest. My comments :

  • 261 nautical miles = 300 statute miles are enough
  • takeoff and land at airports that have a tower
  • ask ATC for all required permissions, and follow all instructions
  • do not use AI for any assistance
  • avoid addon liveries, although liveries provided by Asobo other than default seem OK, since I scored flying the JMB VL-3 with Livery 1
  • for aircrafts with left and right (or front and rear) fuel tanks and manual switch, don’t forget to switch in due time
  • if you are low in fuel and still far from destination for some reasons, press the peripheral button that would activate «REPAIR AND FUEL» that you would have programmed before the flight (CONTROL OPTIONS/MISCELLANEOUS)
  • use Autopilot where available
  • for slow aircrafts, choose routes with interesting scenery, it would be less boring !
  • I didn’t have any problem with the Diamond DA62 or Zlin Savage Cub unlike said elsewhere, and for some unknown reason I got credit for the CJ4 with a failed flight with another aircraft !

Good luck !

Flew the G36 from KSMF to KBUR today and no progress towards the achievement.

This achievement is stuck at 20% for me but I am sure I did a 300+ NM flight with at least 5 airplanes of the standard edition. I keep an Excel file to keep track and today I did the 6th flight, according to my record, with the C208.

Empty community folder, default aircraft with default livery, parking to parking guided by ATC from CnD to engine/battery/avionics off and it didn’t count, despite correctly recorded in the logbook :disappointed:

Did anyone make progress with this achievement recently?


Like you, I had tracked my flights via a compiled list and, yet, was stuck on progress. I had a similar issue with the Greased achievement, so just decided I’d re-fly every landing challenge and aircraft 300 miles again and see if that would result in progress. It did, and I was very surprised to find that aircraft I’d noted as counting towards progress counted as progress again, once I re-flew them.

I completed both on 5/5.

The key to success (based on information from another thread here on the forum) for Jack of All Planes is ensuring you take off and land at towered airports after obtaining ATC clearance.

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