Stonhenge fixed

Stonehenge finally fixed :+1:

Scenery preloaded via UI quality high.


Awesome !!!
Now I want to go start a huge campfire right in the middle and have a cookout!!!

Looks Great!!

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Looks great!!

thank you

Nice… now lets give it a real test… set the date to June 21st :slight_smile:

Thanks for this scenery. I installed it (as other freeware sceneries) but can’t see it in the sim. Any idea ?
Thanks a lot for your help.

Best regards,

Will it be fixed later with official update or not?

I got the same problem


@Felljin667 and @MagicalPedro created the addon and I reviewed it. PM is out to Felljin667.

Hi everyone ! Thx for you interest in the mod. I absolutly don’t know why it would’nt appear in some of your sim version, this is a very simple mod with no difficulties whatsoever ; anyway, there’s a new alternative and very better version that has been released by someone else, I advise to update to this better version, hopefully it will works for you this time. Bye !

Link to the reddit post about the new better version :

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