Stoopid Simulator Tricks

And now something total different.

Plan a night time flight near a major city, get airborne and find the expressway / freeway, etc.
Now trim out to level flight, decrease throttle, and get below the white lights but not the red ones,
I’ll wait … … … …

Pretty trippy right ROFL!

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Do you mean the floating white lights that shouldn’t be there?

I’ve not done that, but I imagine something like the monolith scene at the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Yeah when you get down there you have white lights that are about 20’ to tall and red lights on the ground. When you get between them white on top red on bottom, the light show is fantastic. Do it near a big city with a fast plane and alot of lights on the highway.

I probably should report this though, the light show you get might cause seizures. (seriously)

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what is it about these seizures these days?! did something change? did i miss something? i remember big clubs having stroboscopic lights, lots of them, in all colours, all night. people were fine. now we need to be careful when flying past a few lights in a computer game?

i’m confused.

The light effect in the cockpit while doing this might cause seizures with the world the way it is today, its best to setup to avoid lawsuits ya know! ;p

i think, if something unrealistic should be reported, it should be in the frame of a “realistic” flying too.
WHO would fly fast, at night at highways lights level ?! seriously? then I’d suggest to get a real PPL irl, if it needs to be THAT realistic. And good luck to survive such a flight btw ! :wink:

But If I got a real pilots license and did that Id go to jail ;p Bwhahahahaha The joys of flight simulators. BTW I very rarely fly anywhere above 500’ off the deck, I payed for the purdy graphics I want to see them!

There’s the overly litigious nature of certain countries in the world, that’s true. But it’s also about better diagnoses. Shell shocked troops suffering from PTSD were “cowards” during WW1.

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