Stop messing with the sim on Fridays

Stop doing this. Many of us can only fly on the weekends.

Oh, it would also be great if you could test stuff first before you push it to the users.

…as far as I’m aware nothing changed yesterday?

Not in the MSFS app but a back-end change has caused crashing issues for people with extra scenery bought from the marketplace. Something to do with a bing data streaming issue.

If you want some further info, this is a link to the ithread on the issue that EddieSimes has mentioned.

It also has a very easy to implement workaround. It takes seconds to fix, until MS fix it properly, of course.

I’m sure they already test it themselves. The issue here is do they have a test environment that’s similar to the users in terms of Hardware, software installed, network connection, etc? They could have tested in their own environments and everything passed. But if they don’t have the exact same setup as the common people PC environments and every combination of them, I find it difficult for them to test it.

The best case scenario is that to have Insider programme. Where we can opt-in to get every updates 2-3 weeks earlier. Then we can test using each of our environments, and if there’s any issues we just report them for them to fix before the general rolllout.

You can’t expect them to have 100+ PC each with its own unique hardware and software configuration and test them one by one. The best way to test in real environment, is to have real users test it for them.

I don’t mind being an insider if it means I get early access.


That would be fine, and I have heard that thrown out before. Either way, do it on a Monday and not a Friday.

While Wishlists are typically closed by attributing which World Update or Sim Update delivered the item, in this case the release cadence will be dictated by both technical and other timing requirements as needed. In short, a change might come on a Friday, and it may be necessary for specific reasons that can’t be forecast in advance. Clearly, part of the intention in release timing is being mindful of downstream effects (such as a long weekend where Pilots might be trying to fly the Sim). As of the closure of this WL item (on the eve of Sim Update 9), the release cadence for major changes to the sim have been typically Tuesdays or Thursdays.

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