Stop setting the squawk code in the cockpit automatically

I agree, voted.

Should be an option in the settings

When I was first flying the sim on hotas and controller this was a real nuisance because I just couldn’t set the squawk quickly enough due to lack of precision. Once I added the mouse to the xbox it became non-issue as I can set the code quickly enough to avoid trouble with ATC. Adding the mouse was a massive benefit to the whole cockpit flying experience and I wouldn’t be without it.

I agree that it would be nice to have the option to disable this assist but if you’re serious enough to want to set your own squawk code then spend 20 bucks and get a mouse, it’ll be the biggest bargain.

I’m sure most gamer types couldn’t care less about squawk codes.

Please remove the autotune of frequencies and squawk codes. This ruins immersion. At least make it possible to turn it off in assistance options without ATC starting prompting you. In other words we should be able to reply to the ATC call first, then set the new frequency or squawk code given by ATC. That’s how it works in real life.


I agree if it’s a separate assistance option. Voted.

It really helps to know where to set the squawk code too. It took me forever to figure out where to find it and set it, every plane is different, so I usually just stick to one type. But having it auto set would be nice, just one less thing I need to worry about since I do all the work, and that is how I learn, if the AI CP does it, how do I learn.

The CRJ blocks the automatic tuning, thankfully. The PMDG doesn’t. It’s annoying to see, that after 2 years, a simple thing like this isn’t implemented yet.

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Also voted. It will be great if this behaviour is moved as option to assistance settings. IRL (as I use to do) it’s normal to write down (set on stand by) and readback the ATC requests, then set it live. If you don’t set the transponder correctly, you may expect a request from ATC to check your transponder settings. Sometime they request you for sqawk ident. And btw. they don’t confirm radar contact all the time IRL.

Yeah. What he said ^^^ :+1:

This is one of those FSX (or earlier) design decisions that are still lingering around and it has frustrated me for years. I feel this is one of the “low hanging fruit” quality-of-life fixes that would be greatly welcomed.

The automatic swapping of radio frequencies at least depends on the user choosing the option in the ATC menu, so it’s easy to avoid to allow you to do it manually. The transponder code doesn’t - you just have to be quick enough to do it without responding to ATC, which feels just rude.

I really, really hope this is addressed with the forthcoming ATC updates, as it’s been an immersion killer for a long time. But no mention in the SU14 beta patch notes, so I guess not.

I usually fly VFR so only set my transponder to something other than 7000 when requesting ‘flight following’, i.e. already airborne. In real life, I presume you would read back the transponder code first, then set it up moments later. At which point, ATC would get back in touch to confirm they see you? It may differ by country, but generally speaking. I’m curious what ‘realistic’ would look like in this instance.