Stop World Updates and fix the sim first

Spot on… Since the game release it’s actually got worse. How can that surely be acceptable.

The sim needs to be playable, photogrammetry can come at a later date. What’s the point of having good photogrammetry when the sim is too buggy? If I can’t fly from point a to point b, then everything else doesn’t matter to me. Sim updates are far more important than world updates.

If the game has gotten worse since launch then why bother using it? I think it has improved immeasurably since launch, but it still has some bugs. But if I think back to the days of FSX then it is night and day as far as the update process goes. In FSX we had to wait a minimum of a year for another update, here we get one every two months. And there were still bugs in the updates to FSX!

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Strange? I have never NOT been able to fly from point A to point B.

I sympathise with the issues but most of the people who do the content updates just do content updates. The people to fix the sim just fix the sim. Microsoft would have to hire more people and that will just delay everything and create even more bugs. I don’t think it’s that simple, that’s all.

Well, what’s the point of stopping scenery updates if doing so will not fix the sim any faster?
I’d rather have fixes and scenery updates than just fixes, if the bugfix pace would be the same regardless. The scenery improvement will still be there when the sim bugs are fixed.

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I guess this is just common contruction knowledge wich applies to al kind of evolution, build a solid fundament and then build opon that.

So make base sim rock solid (need to have) and then add features like wu and all the other goodies (nice to haves)


The game performance has declined, but it’s still a decent game, thus why I still use it.
This is next generation gaming and hats off to the team but since it’s initial release there is no argument that it’s worse.
I’m not going to start a list but this forum alone proves my point.
The fundamentals need to be addressed before they publish additional updates. Stuff that worked fantastic now doesn’t.
If you bought a kitchen appliance and the company came over and broke it, you’d return it.
Anyway, great game and a very good team of people building it but stop breaking what works…that’s all

The sim is far from consistant for most users. Have you not read any CTD forums? Loss of FPS on long haul flights? These make the sim unplayable. So I’m MY opinion, and probably to most, sim updates should be priority rather than world updates.

Voted NO for this but post deleted as Moderators have advised that different teams are at play here. Cheers.

An absolute untruth

This update has prevented me and many others from using the Sim. Stutters, freezing and ctds. I have over 1000 hours before su5 problems and now wu6 problems. Let’s hope the hot fix repairs what was broken.

World Updates and Sim Updates are entirely separate teams.