Stopped OVRSevice causes MSFS loading to hang for 3 minutes

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This is VR specific. If you have the OVRSevice set to stopped, it causes a 3-minute loading hitch.
Some VR users keep the OVRService stopped so the Oculus home app doesn’t keep randomly opening all the time, and only start it when they want to use VR. You don’t always use VR with MSFS, so sometimes you open MSFS without starting the OVRService. MSFS should just detect the service status of OVRSevice , and move on immediately if stopped.

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If you have an Oculus VR headset you will have the Oculus services installed. Use Oculus tray tool to stop the OVRSevice, or use the Windows Task Manager service tab to stop it.
Try starting Steam version of MSFS, and it will get to ~85% loading bar and then hang for ~3 minutes.
Start the OVRSevice and you will experience a normal loading time without the hitch

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Ryzen 3700X, 32GB Ram, RTX2060OC, SSD’s

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SU10 Beta 4 was the first version I encountered this issue with

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It’s ridiculous we need to get votes to get a showstopper bug looked at by the developers, for critical front end loading functionality.

Do I need to submit this as a ticket instead, or something?