Storing Lat & Lon as a waypoint

HI All,

Thanks to @ExpressTomato52 I can now add a lat & lon as a custom destination.
(- From Express Tomatoe 52: *
Copy and paste longitude latitude from the web

  • Paste in the left search panel from the Globe page
  • Press enter
    so - I enter a lat and lon as my destination in the ‘World’ and ‘departure’ from an airport nearby.

I jump into a ‘vitual plane’ and the auto-pilot will fly me there.
Problem is, there seems to be no visible indication (on the planes I have tries so far, or the VFR map) of the custom Lat & Lon I entered.

Is there a way to add a custom lat and lon to the map so it shows up somewhere? At the moment, I know i’ll be flying over the lat/lon in x minutes, so I keep looking at the ground. Must be a better way.