Story missions?

Hi all! Hope you’re getting to enjoy the game despite the issues :slight_smile:

My favourite feature from FSX were the missions, where you could fly around and save rhinos and have all kinds of fun with a voiced copilot and a story to go along.

Does anyone know if FS2020 will have a similar feature? The challenges and bush flying activities are fun, but I really miss a good treasure hunting chase like what we had in FSX! Made me feel like Indiana Jones.

If the feature isn’t there, is there any possibility of adding it through mods? I guess worst case scenario there could be a text-based mobile app separate from the game to give you a flight story, but I’d really love something like that!


The SDK does allow you to create “missions”, so it’s possible we’ll see something like that from third party developers. I’m not sure how in-depth it gets though.

And I totally agree. FSX was the first flight sim I played and I loved the missions so much; the narratives and sight-seeing really helped me fall in love with flight simming. I’ll never forget some of the missions, like the flight to Area 51 where you encounter a UFO. I learned about the Capsian Sea Monster Ekranoplan …

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I just played around with the SDK, and it has a pretty fun-looking visual story editor! Complete with adventure tracking features. No documentation on how to use it yet, but seems really promising :smiley:

I really enjoyed that Area 51 mission in FSX too!

Well, being able to mock Joe Exotic’s voice close enough, I can see some potential there :cowboy_hat_face:

I really hope so. I first got FSX when I was 11 and those missions inspired a love of aviation in me that I’ve carried all the way up to PPL training. I’m not a kid anymore, but features like those missions still have the capacity to inspire people who aren’t just here to recreate real world flight plans and fly them by the book.