Strange ai plane

Anyone know what this ghostly plane is?

Looks like a Kodiak with a missing or corrupt livery.

Thats my time travel mod, thats what it looks like right before I blink back to 1954…


I’ve been able to resolve these with a change to the texture.cfg file. I’m not suggesting you should do it, because some people are fine with trying these changes and some don’t want to touch sim files. If you’re the latter, no worries, that’s fine. But if you want to try, go into that plane’s texture.cfg file and add this to the end:


I change the numbering on mine, e.g. if there are only five “fallback” entries, then change this to “6” instead of 10. I’m not sure if that’s required, but I’m weird that way. Anyway, give that a try if you want to and see if that helps. AFAIK, I’ve fixed all of mine that way.

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