Strange artifacting and incosistent performance xbox series x

I have a fast internet connection. Using the xbox internet speed test I get an average of 250mbps download, and 29 mbps upload. However, I get inconsistent performance. Say for NYC it can look amazing with very little pop in, and little texture pop in, then I can play the same level again, and it looks worse than the series s version I’ve seen online. Lots of texture pop in, and very inconsistent frame rates. I have rolling cache set at 16, no data limitations as I have unlimited data. Also, when in cockpit view I often get what looks like ice build up around the windows. If I change views it sometimes goes, sometimes not. I notice this mostly during evening flights. Maybe a lighting issue? though it seems to go hand in hand when the performance takes a hit. Any thoughts would be welcome!

Same for me, this weekend the performances were awful in PG areas with stutters and freezes. I play on series x too and tried the game with rolling caches of 8gb, 10gb, 20gb, 32gb and no rolling cache at all. Same bad performances in all cases for a few days whereas it was pretty decent before :confused:

interesting. Maybe it is a server issue? Hopefully we can gt an answer.

Thanks for letting me know!