Strange artifacting in reflections, glass, screens, shadows

This has been here for a couple sim updates now and it looks strange.
Asobo MUST be aware of this as it’s very obviously seen, but who knows.
So here i report it anyway

Some weird dotted artifacting (this happens on shadows as well sometimes)

All screens in every plane have some weird lines/grain and some banding-like effects

I have a 10700k, 32GB ram, 3080ti
I’m running the sim fully maxed out at 3840x1600 res.

If you want this looked into, you probably should enter a Zendesk support ticket from the Support tab at the top of each forum page.
In there look for Submit a Request.
Cross refer your post to your request and add the request # to your post.
After that, the more votes here, the closer to the top of the triage list it gets.

I have noticed that the reflections from the gauges on the Cessna 152 are now not properly displayed since sim update 8.