Strange behaviour with Saitek X56

When i apply full throttle in the Cessna, like the one in the tutorial, the throttle is reduced to around 1500rpm.
Also, when i reduce the throttle to 0%, the engine stalls and shuts off.

Anyone else having this? Is this by design and i don’t get it?

To work around it, i have changed the throttle curve to start at 5% instead of 0%. This way the engine does not stall but then i cannot reduce throttle to 0%, obviously. Or i just don’t pull or push my lever all the way.

Jets and turbines work better regarding 0% and 100% throttle issue.

you have to separate your throttle stick:

  • left part = mixture
  • right part = throttle

Thanks for the advice, never thought of that :thinking:
I’ll try it out and report later today

@UnweariedColt00 I’ve separated the throttle, but I still find if push the mixture to 100% the RPMs drop, but if I keep it at ~98% its fine - does that sound right?

@UnweariedColt00 Works as you said, thanks man :slight_smile: