Strange Bravo problem with Longitude

I have a weird problem with the Bravo. I am using it on MSFS2020. Here it is:

I set up a profile for a two engine jet because I primarily fly the Cessna Longitude, the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A320NEO. It is working perfectly in the 787 and the A320 whether I start cold and dark or up and running on the runway. However in the Longitude it is doing something very weird.

The throttles move in sync with the Bravo in the Longitude as they should. However the left start engine is acting strange. It starts on then immediately goes to stop. If I click to start, it immediately goes to stop again. This happens cold and dark or starting on the runway. If I disconnect the Bravo, it allows me to start the left engine.

Note that there is no problem with the right engine. Also, if I plug in my Hotax X throttle I was using everything runs fine.

Any ideas?

Had the issue with the A320 and 787. Had to disconnect the default reverser button and then apply it to something else. There is a YT video from SimHangar.

Make sure you clear the assignments for all unused axis. Also clear the ‘button press’ assignment below the idle/reverse detent on every unused axis.

Double check these button press assignments are appropriate for the axis you have in use.

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Got the answer from another group:
The run/stop is tied to the mixture so check that there isn’t anything bonded to the mixture. Could be forcing it to cutoff which would make the light go to stop

Worked great