Strange Building at 63CO

63CO Colorado - Looks like a 2nd world war bunker…really


Hi @Grumpy3355,
Nice find there!

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ALIENS!! ALIENS!! :anguished:

Looking at the imagery from Bing, you can just about see some kind of building outline, but it looks better represented in Google, and I think these might be the buildings:



As to what they are, no idea. One of them appears to have some kind of wall around it, with the main building set inside that compound. My guess is that this is the owners house, linked to the strip nearby.

63CO is a private airport owned by John Hendricks the founder of the Discovery Channel. One of the buildings looks like a hanger with ramp leading to the runway. I’m guessing the other (with wall around it) is probably a maintenance/storage building for the property. At the other end of the runway is his mansion. Links to articles about the property:

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And there’s the surrounding low wall!

That building wouldn’t look out of place on Tatooine.

You know you’ve made it when you have a room for your fossils.

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The combination to enter the building is 4-8-15-16-23-42.

I know these numbers. Yes I do. And by the way… still… ALIENS!!!

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