Strange changes since France update

Apart from stutters and a drop in FPS since the France update, I’ve noticed two other things that have changed.

  1. After launching MSFS (in either full screen or windowed mode), if I switch back to the desktop or my web browser, or Discord, for example, my taskbar won’t show when I hover the mouse over it as it used to do.
  2. The sim’s sound stops when I switch windows now (as above) but it would play in the background before the update.

Any insights guys?

There is an option in the sound settings to change this behaviour. People didn’t like it playing in the background whilst installing, so they added an option.

Try pressing the Windows key - that brings up the taskbar for me

OK thanks Gordon. Figured out the Win key but kind of annoying that it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. It’s only after the sim is launched that it happens. No other app causes it to stop. And I’ll check that sound option out… obviously missed that one :grinning:

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My FPS is 20% less since WU4 in my usual test area in Rome. :confused:

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