Strange ctd EDDM-LIPZ always short before LUXEK waypoint with fbw a320

Anyone a hint or guess why my FS always has a ctd short before arriving to a specific waypoint.
Flying with the latest stable or dev version of Fbw in combination by standard IFR routing by msfs or Simbrief from EDDM to LIPZ. taking the route EDDM-OBAXA-LUXEK… then a short stuck and always short before Luxek CTD. If routing from EDDM to LIPZ via another route eg. EDDM -BETOS-KOGOL… all is perfect no CTD in any configurations, graphic setups ecc. I have tried it now for more than 7 times to check if the config is the reason, deleted roling cache, virtual memory,… PC I9 64GB, RTX3080… is powerfull enough and had no ctds before the latest update in April, also on the named CTD routing. Anyone else problems with some waypoints and even also ctds?

Doyou have an airport addon installed that islocated in this area?

I had to eliminate3 airports that caused CTD enroute from LFMN to LFBZ.

^ ^ ^ Either this
or a custom livery (used in AI traffic).

Hi, thanks for your replies! good idea, but the plane is already at 20000 ft, do you think an airport mod is responsible for the ctd ?
Regarding the custom livery for ai traffic seems uncertain as I have tried 7 times all the same ctd at the same position short before the waypoint. I have checked all my mods and addons, no airport in the area I have as addon :-(((
Any other ideas?

I also had airports/scenery crashing my sim some time ago. The addon does not have to be in the specific area of the crash. It could also be a couple of 100 miles away. For example, a faulty scenerey of the Los Angeles area crashed the whole US west coast for me (up to Seattle). Maybe you should try (for testing) without any content inside community (except the A32NX of course).

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yes, it is. I was at 30`000 and the airport below me caused the CTD. As soon MSFS loads the area of the affected airport it will CTD. No matter at what altitude and even if you are still miles away.

OK Thanks again, so I have to check all the addon airports in this area :slight_smile: Or I try to avoid this bad waypoint. Probably this is part of the unknown new Bavarian Bermuda Triangle ;-))

After takeing only the fbw and eddm into my community folder, starting the buggy routes again, it worked.
So Thanks for the tip!, I just have to check which addon or livery is the buggy one :slight_smile:

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