Strange drop in fps and logitech driver

I have been getting 50+ fps even in busy airports. Using axis and ohs to drive saitek panels.
Then saw reference to new logitech driver which I tried. Nothing worked!
But did notice significant fall in fps. Even seeing less than 20 at airports. This has persisted despite uninstalling logitech but these events must be related!
Any thoughts

Similar problem here lots of stuttering with driver.
Lorby works fine except gauges are jerky.
Spad next ok ish, after taking out a year licence on standard only to fine radio comes panel only works on full.version.
So lorby for now.

I should have mentioned in previous reply that all gauges panels and fips work very well in Fsx and X-plane with the appropriate plugins
Appears to be a sim or logitech problem.

Hi, i am on version 285 and have FPS issues as well . How do you uninstall the plugin ?