Strange GPU related issue

Every time I shut down the engines after a flight the GPU usage drops to 20-30% and never goes back to normal (on my system 70-80%) It happens exactely and only after I shut down the engines (on every flight ). No matter what I do there is no way to “wake up” the GPU again (sim needs a restart). I have an RTX3080. Am I the only one with this issue?

Sounds possibly like spike protection or throttling kicking in as you return to the menus, famous for their sudden surge in fps … try limiting it in NVCP to your monitors refresh rate.

I don’t get back to menu. Just shutting engines down (no logbook). NVCP is already limited to monitor refresh rate (60hz)

Surely must be 3rd party … what are you flying?

A320NX but same issue also on other stock aircrafts