Strange inescapable version of "active pause" without controls

Your welcome glad it is working.

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“I was in this pause state (for the second time this week) and I went in and set a second keybind for “set pause off” to [left-CRTL-P]. And it worked!! Thanks for this tip!”

I am pretty sure I tried this and it didnt work for me. Will try again next time it happens tho, thanks for posting

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After another 30~ flights it happened again.

I can now confirm that “set pause off” binding does not fix this issue when it occurs with me. As I said, “pause” is a completely different state of the game that has no sound.

In this state, I can pause, and unpause which starts and stops the sound.
Active pause/on off also has no effect. i’ve gone thru every binding and nothing works to escape it when this state happens. Again, pretty much always right as I am beginning to taxi. And this was after I had just completed another short route.

Its so strange, I am using the BAE146 right now and I can click to change the placard on the column from “cabin secured takeoff” to “cabin secured landing” and if I switch to third person from first person and back again, that placard will have moved over. Very strange!

Just had a thought. Could you have pressed the INS key on the keyboard. This freezes the sim and allows control of the drone via arrow keys and WASD keys.

Nah thats not it unfortunately, just tried it.

I am thinking it’s not a button that has been accidentally pressed as I have had the problem occur when I am taxiing out with my hands off the keyboard and only on my peripherals, all of which have had all of their keys manually bound by me.

Let me know if you have other ideas - I’ll try them too haha

This is a puzzle, I love puzzles.

Haha well I do appreciate your help looking for the solution :slight_smile:
It’s probable an addon I use for FSairlines but I don’t wanna disable them so I’ll probably just endure some infrequent restarts - not a problem honestly most of the time as i usually fly CRJ and now 146 which both have “ready for taxi” saved states so it only takes me a few minutes more to get setup again.


I have also been getting this issue whenever I go into the pause menu, does anyone know a fix around it?

For the type of very specific issue I’m experiencing there is no known solution or cause. For me, it’s also not related to the regular pause menu.

Try setting a secondary binding for “set pause off” and “toggle active pause”. Most likely you’re not getting the exact same problem as me

Hope that helps!

PS: If the above doesn’t work, search your keybindings by input and press ESCAPE. Remove bindings for anything you don’t want bound to escape.
I recommend going thru all keyboard bindings and deleting the vast majority of them and then manually do your own keys

This seems to have fixed the issue, thanks!

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This also happened for the first today during a checkout flight after updating to 1.25.9. Took a short flight in the G1000 172 and after landing applied the brakes to turn off the runway and the sim froze. Pressed the brakes again and the sim unfroze. It did this one more time before exiting the runway.

Got on the taxiway and called for parking instructions, applied power but the airplane didn’t move. thought I had parking brake on but didn’t. Still did not move. Since my flight was done I just exited the sim. I haven’t tried to fly since.

I will try the fix above if it happens again.

Strange and thanks.

Got exactly the same bug, tried all the methods with the pause bindings, but not one worked.

I got it fixed by activating the developer mode, going to options and then press “resume simulation”.