Strange intermittant pauses?

Can someone help me with this… Been happening for a while, and after SU8 yesterday it went away… But wait, came back today??

Notice the frame rate, I know that I am limited by my GPU RTX2070 (plan to update in a couple months). But HOW do I stop the pausing every second??? So game breaking!

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Sounds like it could be caused by something else running on your computer.
Check Task Manager.

Not able to comment on this, but I’m experiencing the same here.
My rig is even worse than yours ( i7, 1650 Qmax, 12 GB Ram, 1 TB SSD)
Yes, it’s a laptop and expanding Ram is not possible ( AFAIK)
Those mini stutters are present at my system since 2 SU’s ago… annoying…

UPDATE: So I just started a new flight from CYVR-CYYZ in the FBW A320. Everything started nice and smooth, but about 2 1/2 hours into the flight, starting to see the pausing again. So frustrating… I’m going back to VR only where even though the graphics are not the best, at least the graphics are somewhat smooth and don’t pause once a second. :frowning:

Current Addons for this flight:
CYVR - FSimStudios - Marketplace
CYYC - Reg Designs - direct
FBW A320 - Air Canada (modern) livery
VCARS - Virtual Air Canada flight tracking

These are the only addons running, and I reinstalled Navigraph (there was some issues).

It is my hope that someone can figure this out, because I am sure I am not the only person having these issues. Odd that VR works better than Pancake though (graphics are way lower in VR though).

I started getting these long pauses lately, the only thing that I can remember changing is investing in Navigraph - I used simBrief before with no problems but have now got the whole packakge.

I’ve been running Navigraph on a second monitor along with other “support” programmes but I’ve now set it up on a Fire Tablet and this afternoon… no pauses! I did notice that with Navigraph on the second monitor my CPU was working twice as hard (I’m GPU-bound).

Just going to watch it for a while now.

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I have been experiencing the same thing for the last couple of weeks. Since the last update for the first couple of hours I thought it had gone, and was so chuffed I was about to pen a congratulatory note when, you guessed it, the stutters reappeared. I have fiddled with the system and settings (I am no computer expert, and sometimes it feels like you need a Windows qualification to make the sim run smoothly) to no avail.

I have sent this video Stuttering issues on MSFS2020 - YouTube to the help desk and just hope that in an update this gets fixed back to how the sim used to run very soon.

If I had purchased anything else from a major retailer and there was a fault with it, I would have returned it and asked for a refund. I have had great enjoyment out of the sim, but am getting tired of constant niggles affecting my enjoyment and making the experience frustrating.