Strange LOUD sound loop of airliner landing/ breaking?

so i have had this a few times, usually at an airport, the loud, close, sound of an airliner landing repeatedly next to me,on a loop…( i don’t fly liners) i can still fly fine, a like a weird bug…i have to quit the session as it so LOUD and distracting… anyone else had this ?

I’ve had it once. Not a landing sound, more like a jet engine just going full throttle all the time. Very loud. But if I went to external view, all was fine. Back in the cockpit of my Cessna 172 and RRROOOOOOAAAAAARARRRRRRRR. Then suddenly (after a minute or so) the sound disappeared by itself, and all was well after that.

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Not sure if its landing or taking off…theres a sort of screeching as well as the jet noise,so I assume landing…I don’t fly these big birds…but what I hear is a constant loop until I quit the session…it happens rarely but…its very odd

Same problem

I have A320nx stable

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Might want to switch to dev, it’s pretty stable and has all the new “gee-whiz” stuff. Just update before you play every time, as it’s actively developed.

YES !! thats it …lol… very strange

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The best way is to turn multiplayer off in( general data multiplayer)

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