Strange problem I'm having in the T-45C

So… having a strange problem with the IndiaFoxtEcho T-45C. I love the aircraft in general (though the camera viewpoint aligns very poorly with the HUD, which I have to “cheat” by sitting up especially tall in my chair, centering my TrackIR, and then slouching a bit to lower the camera a bit), except when the time comes to land it.

For some reason, every time I fly this aircraft, right around the time that I request landing from ATC, suddenly the camera starts clipping through the pilot model. Specifically, I find myself suddenly looking at the inside of the pilot’s mask. I’ve crashed the plane twice because of this, and the third time I flew it I only successfully landed by (again) tricking my TrackIR into moving the camera viewpoint forward a little bit. Even then there was still a bit of clipping (bits of the helmet), and whenever I tried to look behind me all I saw was the inside of the helmet.

I never even noticed the pilot model before this happened, to the point that I’m not sure whether it suddenly loaded in at that point and hadn’t been there before at all, or whether it suddenly desynced with the TrackIR so it no longer followed my head movements, or what? All I know is that it happens every time I fly the plane, and it pretty much ruins the aircraft for me since I can’t effectively land it!

If anyone has any idea what is happening here and how I can stop it, please let me know. Is there a button to hide the pilot avatar? That would solve all my problems, if so.

This is has been an issue with the T45c since I think SU5 or SU6. Either way its super annoying, the only way have found to fix it, is to go to the exterior view (not drone), and go back into cockpit. not ideal, but when I’m flying in VR, its what I have to do.

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Thanks; I’ll give that a try. If it fixes it, it’ll be easy enough for me to just bind the camera switch on my HOTAS and toggle it quickly when the problem happens.

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