Strange random fps drops

Hello, usually i have 30/35 fps in my simulation but sometimes it drops to 12/18 fps. Most often when taking off or landing or what’s the weirdest thing when I change heading in autopilot. Sometimes I take off with nice 30 fps and then the second time at the same airport I have 12 fps.Drop takes some time and then the fps return to normal. This is very annoying because the game runs well beyond that.
My PC specs:
I3 10100f
RX 580 4GB
16GB ram

The problem only occurs in this game, the temperature is normal.

Yup worse again, off to fly dcs until they fix this sim, nothing more immersion killing like a frame by frame landing experiance, especially since it improved and was playable after the hotfix. worse than ever.

And before the clowns come in stating it must be your system, it was running great till yesterdays update. I am not spending a minute longer or money on something that is clearly not fit for purpose!

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