Strange reversing surface winds with Live Weather

Wont bore you with how I ended up like this, (it was a TEST !!) but what is strange is that the winds across the surface of the ground, seem to be in reversed from the winds a few feet up in the air.

Smoke from the damaged engine starts blowing Forward in the ground wind, but as soon as it rises up a few feet, it then reverses, and drifts back over the top of the plane, in the opposite direction.

Its even more dramtically evident in Video …

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could also be that the author of that mod messed up the smoke direction? :wink:

Thanks …

If that is the reason, I’ll have to go smack the Dev team leader who messed up !

Fixed – with an update to the Smoke Effect … Now I have to buy Dev a Drink !! ( A Red Bull seems appropriate)

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Figured it would be something like that :slight_smile:

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