Strange stutter issue every 2secs since UK update

I’m having an issue with a game stutter that happens every 2 seconds, this has come up since the UK update (sorry, yes, I know…)strangely enough it didnt happen on one flight on friday flying from Nantes Atlantique to Gatwick but has affected nearly everything else that ive done. I’ve been using the Working Title CJ4, stock Cessna 172, TBM930 and DA40 all with the same issue…I’ve gone through the settings and played around with detail level, graphcis card, turning off the photometry, AI and live traffic etc but nothing is making any difference. Now is this just data being streamed into my computer causing a pause (spinning wheel in lower right hand corner of screen is a possible hint at this) oo is it somthing else. System is a 3ghz i7-9700, 16Gb Ram and a Nividia RTX 2060 , now the game is running from an HDD not my SDD (thats needed for work) which could potentially be the cause but this problem has only come up since the update, I did clear the cache and disabled/erased some of the bits on my conmmunity drive (mainly ORBX london scenery)…any ideas? Not raised to Zendesk yet as I’m trying to work out if its pilot error…

16GB ram?
Do you have a custom or system managed pagefile?

AFAIK its system managed

If you aren’t size restricted in your drive, I would recommend you set 24000 and 48000 MB as your limits.
You should notice a difference.
It is a known issue (I have 16Gb ram as well).

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I have 32GB of RAM and the stutter is also back. Previously, it was caused by the propeller mod. Not sure what it could be this time.

Even some 32GB systems are having some luck converting to a custom size pagefile.
It might be worth a try, you can always put it back.

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I did try a left-field fix this morning by pushing all of the game graphics settings to Ultra which apparently can ease the wait times to shift data from the CPU and GPU as the GPU supposedly is working harder to process more data…no joy, the game does still does judder every 2 seconds but I have to admit the UK photometry looks amazing. Obviously 60fps is not going to happen on my system but I was impressed that it did work ok: I flew into London City to test this half expecting to be able to fry an egg on the top of my system unit as it attempted to render Canary Wharf!
So, now to alter the pagefile settings so will try the suggested fix…

If it always 2 seconds, no matter how long your running msfs,check for other running apps. The occasional stutter will happen but consistent timed stutters makes me think something else is causing this.
Also check your network and/or wifi for thingss connecting to the internet.

It is well observed that each update fluctuates, where it improves the simulator run, where it deteriorates. The latter case, on the other hand, is a rather gross deterioration. Let’s just say they were made properly, without wasting our time.

Nope, no joy with changing the pagefile settings, excatly the same issue with the judder so Im back to square one with this.
TBH I’m really confused with this as the system was running smoothly to the UK update, I also use my computer for high end 3D CAD modelling (running multiple 250Mb+ model files) and rendering/visualisation and photoshop etc and it works really well at that despite it being quite mid-spec. Only option now is probably to wait until the flight model update (AFAIK due some point in March) and see if that solves the issue. :thinking: :confused:

Set all profile settings for MSFS in Nvidia CP to default (if you ever changed them before), enable VSYNC and choose 60 fps in the in-sim Options and see if the issue still persists.


Might have found the source of this issue, I looked through the updates in the game itself by clicking on my user icon and noticed here were a few things that hadn’t auto-updated with the UK update: quite a few bits of the Japan update for the airports plus a big update for the ORBX Padderborn freeware (might have forgotten to do this when it started to cause the CTD issue a few weeks back) so update now done. Did a test flight from Nantes Atlantiqe to Toulouse with no issues, now doing a UK flight across London and an ILS run in to Stanstead…all seems smooth and judder free…weird…Fully expecting to return to the judder issues tomorrow but will take this as hopefully being sorted (for now)


Dammit, spoke too soon, judder has returned! :confused:

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I am experiencing precisely the same problem as shown on your example video. Same stutter timing, etc. I have tried the various fixes listed but to no avail. The problem has only been present since the latest update. Prior to that there was absolutely no problem, with excellent smooth output.
I am using i5 10600 @ 3.30 GHz and GTX1060, 3 Gb, previously with superb results.
When I switch on Developer-FR graph there is a yellow spike each time the output stalls. Unfortunately there is no indication of what each of the graphed colours represent. Is there an explanation somewhere?