Strange things happening in the North

Norway, Canada, Sweden, Russia. Everywhere, we find that strange anomalies are happening with the water. What could cause this? I remember cleaning up open source data sets with this exact same issue back in the early 2000s, are they seriously still using this old data?

And with the revelation about how the Melbourne Monolith came into existence, can we also assume that most of this “AI” magic is just scraping existing public data and making a very basic 3D model out of it?


Probably just wrong elevation data for the lakes. For some regions there are already patches by some users:

Let’s see when it gets fixed within the game…

I am afraid the Data is that old. I have seen similar things in Iceland. Google should buy MS. That way weg get better Data then Bing .:wink:

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I mean… The location of lakes does not usually significantly change in 20 years… :sweat_smile:


I think it might be interpreting ice as water, but could be wrong.

I’m saying this cos I remember fiddling with the DEM data from the Shuttle back in the 00s, making terrains for OFP. We had this issue back then, as well. That data wasn’t very good quality, and needed a lot of cleaning up to have it work, but I guess they didn’t do that.

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Seems this one has different reasons. I think they tried to solve the problem of ugly nonflat water hills on the lakes and rivers so in the quest of flatness was filled every single water surface shape by highest or first they get tangent coast point h value or some sort of that

This is South of Whitehorse, Yukon. There are a few all around the Yukon unfortunately.

If I can figure how they are fixing these I will go around the area and do it but I havent yet. Though we really shouldn’t need to at the price tag of this sim with all due respect and honesty.


I noticed some “waterfall” effects around Columbus Ohio . I hope they patch this stuff eventually. Weird none of this was caught in alpha or beta testing .

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I dont think you understand how big Microsoft is…

There is no way Google could buy Microsoft… Microsoft is a bigger company then Google and worth more money.

Well, I think you do not understand irony.

This have nothing to do with AI, mesh data\rivers are not AI, no relation. If you want perfect data on everything, the sim will cost overs 1000$ there is licence involved.

Cool demagogy feint, it may be expanded into more grotesque dimensions about, but here was only about less bugged algorithms of height map composing with maybe auto-test tools for checking sceneries. It roughly will costs from a week up to two months of mediocre programmer work divided by number of paying users.


Is there any official reply from the dev team about this? pretty serious issue, almost all of the airports that I’ve flown to so far that are beside a body of water in Yukon, Canada; NT, Canada and Alaska, USA; are affected by this, most prominently Yellowknife, NT in Canada. The final approach portion of runway 16 into CYZF is over a lake (Long Lake), said lake is depicted approximately 500 feet higher than the surrounding terrain, obstructing the runway.

I’m including three screenshots from said airport.
It is very worrying that there are no responses from the dev team about this.

There is some water level problem in the sim definitely. Try to fly in Norway. All that small lakes up there are on pillars. In some places it is like flying through monument valley. :slight_smile: Same thing happening in a lot of places with small lakes and water reservoirs in Japan.

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I’ve been thinking that maybe the fact it is so widespread makes it easier to fix(?). I sure hope so, it is very annoying, specially when it interferes with an airport.