Strange Trails

Never seen this before in any game i’ve played on my system, today come across this issue when moving around using drone cam. Any one else having this issue, would someone be kind enough to test to see if you get the same effect. My video below was tested around Skyscrapers in London, Uk.

Tested at 60Hz, 144Hz and my max 170Hz still have same trails. turned off monitor overclocking, overdrive and tested with G-Sync on/off and any settings that would possibly cause an issue, still see the trails… Not sure if it’s my system causing this, or if its in game issue? Any ideas what could be causing the trails?

Dual monitor?

i have 2 monitors set up but only one used for msfs

Narrow the issue down to 1 monitor for MSFS + settings 1920x1080; then increase to monitors default after

I always had this issue, on multiple PC’s. And a friend of mine has it too. So i assumed everyone has this issue, but maybe a lot of people are not noticing it, or not using the drone cam in a way that makes this visible.

I think it’s a byproduct of the ray marching technique they use to render the clouds.

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Looks like AutoMotion on Samsung monitors, or some kind of motion blur. Try to disable motion blur in the config and look if this effect is still visible.

No, the clouds are not rendering behind buildings. So if you move the cam the rendering lags a bit. That’s what you’re seeing.

tested with one monitor same issue, tested 1080p, 1440p same issues. noticed its only on the background of the clouds, with clear skys i dont see any trails. also no motion blur enabled.

Apprecaite your reply, although did mention above that i tested with all stock settings on monitor including disabling any motion blur setting ELMB on my monitor and overdrive. Also tested on second monitor different brand same issue. Seems the effect is only visible with clouds behind the buildings.

im aware the clouds dont render behind the buildings, im saying the effect is only visible with the clouds enabled visually behind, using clear sky i dont see any effect meaning there is no trail with no clouds, none.

Yep it’s like this since the beginning. Anything in front of clouds will ‘ghost’ this way.
Same goes for reflections.

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Yes the trail is in the clouds, so obviously this issue doesn’t exist in clear skies. The problem is with the clouds being culled behind buildings. The moment you move the camera suddenly something must be rendered that wasn’t in the frame before. Thats why you see the trail.

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so its not an issue my end ( pc ) then?

:+1: yes i understand, think main issue is why is rendering a trail, seems strange.

No it’s not. Unfortunately, I don’t know what Asobo are doing but the game is full of graphical glitches.

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Pretty sure this is a side effect of the taa implementation.

Disable taa anti aliasing in the settings and see if it still does this.

It’s a problem with the ray marching, a cheap way of drawing volumetric clouds and reflections without using a lot of resources. It’s also the reason why you sometimes see reflections and clouds being built out of little dots.

It probably only calculates new clouds every X amount of frames to save more resources, so when you move you see this glitch.

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Pleased that it’s not my system and others have confirmed this is an in sim issue. I hope eventually we see this fixed.

Thanks for your imput, this community rocks, you guys are helpful. Apprecaited

It’s the TAA.

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