Strange Tree Changing inflight

Maybe its because we have a third party helicopter to get down and dirty and slow but the trees constantly change shape as you fly over them or next to them. It’s like each tree has several 2d shapes in different angles that change as you pass by of over them.

I guess this was the way Asobo made the trees look full rather than just flat sprites.

You don’t see it in fixed wing as you are usually well above them or too fast to notice but in helicopters its obvious.

Anyone else noticed this and I wonder if Asobo intend to fix this as it must add a lot to the CPU load for no real advantage but to look crappy!


Yes, massive tree “flicker” in PG areas when you go below app. 900 feet.
It wasnt always like that so I do hope it will get fixed soon!

Blue skies :slight_smile:

So it’s the PG “trees” that are flickering? I don’t see the non-PG ones do that, and I pretty much always fly low 'n slow.

I know what you are referring to and I see it all the time if I Showcase camera around an airport with trees in close proximity. Parts of the trees fade out as you get close to them. I suspect this is a graphics optimization, to keep FPS up. AFAIK it’s been that way all along, so not a bug (just annoying).

I might be talking out of turn here, but I think you’ve mentioned a different issue.

I’ve seen this tree metamorphosis and I don’t think it’s flicker in the conventional sense but I believe it’s likely the trees changing levels of details (LOD’s) as you get near them - I do think there is some transparency used here to smooth out the change so maybe that’s the ‘flicker’ you’re seeing?

That’s an interesting question, there’s a lot of tree models placed into PG areas like Central Park in Manhattan. Actual flicker could come from PG where the geometry isn’t accurate enough to blend together but that’s not a tree issue.

My only other thought would be trees producing a mesh type appearence which doesn’t scale well at lower resolutions - that could be causing flicker. You know like wire fences do in some scenery packages.

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We had an exaggerated effect of that when they changed TAA. While holding short at the threshold, those now horizontal lines would flicker like crazy. Other airport structures with a slatted, horizontal structure would also do this. It’s not so bad now, but I still see it from time to time. There is always a sweet spot, and moving closer or further away from this causes the effect to stop.

I‘ve seen that too in PG areas, from the C152 btw. The trees disappear like being faded out and replaced by new shaped tree models. I also assume that this is meant to look more 3d and less edgy, but is probably badly timed and looks lile the trees were flickering. As this happens everywhere and at different times it looks like the whole ground was covered by flickering tree models although they actually disappear and being replaced slowly. It‘s the typical fade out visual we see everywhere in the sim, AI aircraft, buildings…

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Most trees are just shader objects. At every turn, for every viewpoint, they will be generated again and they should keep the same shape, only details (leaves and small branches) should change, because there are random values involved in generating these details. This is a flight simulator, so MSFS won’t keep all details perfect on very small distance. Else trees would fill our hard disks. When you can see leaves, you are near. When the simulation would be really accurate, a helicopter could blow over trees near.

There are issues with some trees. A picture or video and a location may be helpful. Don’t know if this has anything to do with above issue, but there are trees and trees in MSFS. Not every tree is “good”. I’ve seen some very strange “trees” in midtown Kiel Germany last night :yum:

That is exactly what I am talking about and what i see all the time down low and slow.

If anyone wants to try it, there is/was a free iOS app that would let you take photographs fr multiple angles of an object, then it would attempt to build a 3D model from it.

I would suggest anyone complaining about PG give that program a go, and see if they can get any reasonable results.

I noticed some trees looked like strange green and brown rocks when flying from New York down to Florida the other day.
So I spent an afternoon looking around at other parts of the world and never found this problem. Also flying north of New York and all along that latitude but still in America all the trees looked normal?
My guess is a certain type of tree selected for that part of the world is somehow corrupted?

This is not PG these are the AI trees that pop up and change shape as you fly over them slow or next to them. It would be better just to leave them as 2D trees as it takes up a lot of processing power for not much effect IMHO.

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