Strange. update

sorry, what’s a frametime ? directly related to stuttering ? the less the better maybe ? or those micro second data on the dev mode display ?

It’s the time it takes to output one frame (including all steps from CPU to GPU to monitor). To maintain a stable 60fps, frametime should be 16,7ms (1/60) or below.

Same here. These folders got an update:

In addition to what others posted, in the updated folders, it was mostly JSON files and a big one for trafficAircraft.bgl in:

Look over here…

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frametime = 1 / FPS ( reciprocal of FPS ) ?

thanks, I’ve just learnt something new in terminology.

Hi everyone, this small update corresponds to the AIRAC cycle being updated with new navdata (Cycle 13)
More information here:


Was just about to pushback, then got a CTD! Restarted and got the 1GB update and then it started installing a 24GB udpate FML, its taking ages.


hopes to cure the stuttering vanished

I got excited then thinking it might have been the watermask update they spoke about. Never mind.

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Not really. The fps is your frames per second counter. You can actually have 60 counted fps shown but varying frametimes each frame. Which might result in stuttering even though it appears you get “enough” frames per second to match your monitor which should result in smooth gameplay. But as described that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case, depending on your frametimes.

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yeah but one of the forum admins just stated it’s the airac thing to match the latest navigraph data, sadly.

it’s interesting tho, you experience less or no stuttering after, placebo effect ?

Same problems with Navigraph. Sid sur EHAM causing CTD

I fortunately made a backup of AIRAC 2012 rev.1, so am testing that right now.

Yes, the new patch works with the older Navigraph AIRAC 2012 rev. 1 data. No crash.

Never let it be said that the Windows 10 previous versions feature is a simple waste of disk space. So over to Navigraph I guess, but this is a new type of issue.

Navigraph have reverted to 2012 rev. 1.

I am so going to try the AP in the vanilla A320neo right now… does this hotfix already contain the AP fix that was recently announced here in the forum (and which is already part of the FBW mod)? Anyone tried already? :slight_smile:

UPDATE: For all I can tell this latest hotfix (with the same release number as the previous patch: did not fix the autopilot issue with the stock A320neo: my A320 is currently circlying cluelessly above Zurich Kloten. What is frustrating is that not even manually selecting a course seems to work (“selected heading mode”). The airplane seems to choose a random course, like 30 degrees off the selected course (if at all: currently not even this seems to work right now for me, the airplane keeps slightly banking to the right, not reacting to manually selected headings at all).

Oh no- time to see what they broke with this update. Can we go ahead and do away with forced updates. I was actually planning on flying today. No worse feeling than planning a flight and booting up the sim to find out there’s another update.

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Same here. Stuttering mess on the ground at JFK.

Might be smart to make a post about this in the "News and Announcements’ section, since I think we’ll be seeing this question come up a LOT today and tomorrow :slight_smile:

As well as having a customised release notes page when you update, indicating right at the top this update is just an updated AIRAC cycle, and not a copy/paste of the current release notes.

With this I am now seeing lower frame rates around London and Manchester where I normally fly to test updates :slightly_frowning_face:

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If all they updated was the nav data, how could that be?

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