Stratospheric flight: I'm getting slower

Hi there! I’d call myself an experienced pilot BUT the stratospheric flight doesn’t go as planned. The plane is becoming more and more slow over time after reaching height.

  • maintaining 10° (check)
  • maintaining GPS (check)
  • reaching Mach 3 (nope!)

Also at some point the plane is just nose down and I can’t pull up (no wonder at low speed). I’ve been holding F3 a lot, engines are at 100%, engine throttle at “engines 3 and 4” seems to be at 100% after holding again (are those the afterburners?)


To speed up to Mach 3+, you need to follow the profile given on the 3d page of main panel.
1- TO and climb to 30k ft with afterburner
2- roll 180° then pull down 20% at 1.5 G to speed up to Mach 2
3- roll 180° again to then climb 20% at 1.5 G and speed up to Mach 3+
4- start scramble jet passing Mach 3
5- stabilize at 120K ft and let plane speed up to Mach 9+

this should do the trick, working for me…


first thing you did wrong was to not search the forums…there are dozens of posts with help/suggestions like this one:

or this one:

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